Intel® XDK App Designer Videos

Get started using App Designer, part of the Intel® XDK

App Designer, part of the Intel® XDK, is a WYSIWYG layout tool for creating user interfaces. Key features include:

  • Multiple UI frameworks - The App Designer currently supports App Framework, Bootstrap 3, jQuery Mobile and Topcoat.
  • Round-trip editing - Start creating your apps in App Designer, switch to the built-in editor (also in the Intel XDK DEVELOP tab) and modify your code directly, then switch back to App Designer.
  • Responsive design - Create layouts that automatically adapt to a wide range of devices and form factors.
  • Animated containers - Take advantage of animated sidebars and crossbars to add pizzazz to your apps.
  • Services integration - Incorporate web service data directly into your apps.

New App Designer videos are added regularly. You can find them by searching the Intel Software TV network using this search URL:

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