IoT Reference Implementation: People Counter

People Counter

What it Does

This people counter application is one of a series of IoT reference implementations aimed at instructing users on how to develop a working solution for a particular problem. It demonstrates how to create a smart video IoT solution using Intel® hardware and software tools. This people counter solution detects people in a designated area providing number of people in the frame, average duration of people in frame, and total count.

How it Works

The counter uses the Inference Engine included in the OpenVINO™ and the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit. A trained neural network detects people within a designated area by displaying a green bounding box over them. It counts the number of people in the current frame, the duration that a person is in the frame (time elapsed between entering and exiting a frame), and the total number of people seen, and then sends the data to a local web server using the Paho* MQTT C client libraries.



  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Iris® Pro graphics and Intel® HD Graphics.


  • Ubuntu* 16.04 LTS     Note: You must be running kernel version 4.7+ to use this software. We recommend using a 4.14+ kernel to use this software. Run the following command to determine your kernel version:
uname -a
  • OpenCL™ Runtime Package
  • OpenVINO™

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