Intel Visual Fortran - fatal error LNK2023: bad DLL or entry point msobj80.dll

For error messages:
LINK: fatal error LNK2023: bad DLL or entry point 'msobj80.dll'
or 'cannot find msobj80.dll'
or for problems with setting breakpoints in the debugger

You may have encountered a known problem with Visual Studio described here:

It involves the PATH that is visible to the Microsoft program mspdbsrv.exe when it is
started. When it is started for debugging, it will not issue an error message if it
cannot find msobj80.dll. After it is started, mspdbsrv.exe remains active for a period
of time. If this instance is running when the linker is invoked, it will not have
a PATH to msobj80.dll and reports the error.

Copying msobj80.dll to '\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE' is the recommended
work-around. This is the directory where mspdbsrv.exe resides. After msobj80.dll is
copied, you should check with Task Manager to see if the mspdbsrv.exe process is running.
If it is, kill it with 'End Process'. The next time mspdbsrv.exe starts up, it should find

Installing Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) usually corrects this problem.


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