Learn Kung Fu on Windows* 8.1 Tablets with Intel® Atom™ Processors with the 3D Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan App

3D Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan provides instructions and demonstrations to help users learn the ancient art of Bajiquan

3D Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan now provides a fun way to learn the ancient art of Bajiquan on Windows* 8.1 tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors.

Bajiquan is a famous, Chinese martial art that emphasizes combat skills like short-range power and elbow strikes. This martial art is characterized by its power and beauty, vigor and harmony. It has been a fundamental defense training practiced by imperial bodyguards in China.

When developing 3D Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan, the developers from Jiin Feng Mobile Games utilized a motion capture system to record a master’s performance of Da-Bajiquan and Xiao-Bajiquan. Because of this, users can learn Bajiquan through multiple 3D perspectives and quickly search for a certain form or move by using the scroll bar. They can also slow the animation to assist learning.

The developers at Jiin Feng Mobile Games used the company’s status as an Intel® Software Partner to access Intel tools, code and support from the Intel® Developer Zone. They were able to optimize Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan for the powerful qualities of Windows* 8.1 tablets with Intel Atom processors.

“New Windows* tablets offer a powerful and convenient way to learn Bajiquan,” said Jim of Jiin Feng Mobile Games. “The touch controls, high resolution screen and portability of these tablets make them a great resource to learn Bajiquan wherever a person may be.”

Kung Fu - Ba Ji Quan is now available to download at the Windows* app store: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/1cd82eef-4eca-418f-939b-e8b2b402ff4f

About Jiin Feng Mobile Games
Jiin Feng Mobile Games produces 3D martial arts apps. For more information, visit: http://www.jiinfeng.com/.

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