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Features and Benefits

Have you ever played an engrossing game on your laptop? Have you ever had the laptop battery warning annoy you when you are in the middle of the most exciting part of the game? Have you thought about providing laptop specific features to your gamers?

If the answers to any of these questions are in the affirmative, then read on. Game developers and avid gamers are increasingly moving to laptops as the platform of choice for gaming. But some of the behaviour of laptops versus desktops tend to hinder the immersive quality of gameplay. The need is for the games to adjust automatically to resource-constrained mobile environments. With the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK, your games can integrate mobile features that meet user expectations for computing anytime and anywhere:

  • Monitor and manage connectivity. Users can be given real-time feedback on the strength of their mobile connections and could potentially have games scale down to adjust to changes in the connectivity.
  • Effectively balance power and performance. Users can get the most from available battery life.
  • Adapt game states to platform state changes. Games could behave differently by monitoring the load on the platform including the load on each core of a multi-core platform.
  • Setup an Ad-Hoc Peer-to-Peer network. Users can create, join an Ad-Hoc Peer-to-Peer and monitor peers in that network.

Laptop Game Development Challenges

Developers face significant challenges when integrating or extending mobile features in games that are aware of platform context and resources in order to efficiently take advantage of mobile platforms.

Creating code that is aware of platform context means your games can more efficiently adapt to user settings as well as environmental and platform changes. For example, a gamer in the middle of a multiplayer networked game, could be transitioned into a single player mode with game states saved when the wireless network strength goes down. A power meter and wireless connectivity meter on the game HUD could give the gamer continuous feedback about the platform state of the laptop.

The Intel Laptop Gaming TDK provides a single API layer to access most of the key platform states that are relevant to gaming on laptops. Field studies based on mod development for some popular games have shown that it is extremely fast and simple to integrate the TDK into existing game code. The TDK provides threaded and non-threaded APIs to give the game developers the flexibility to enhance their games for performance and control. The product is being provided as a free download to enable game developers to provide their customers with extremely useful mobile features for better immersion on laptops.

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