Level Up 2010 - Finalists Announced in the Student and Professional Category

Congratulations to the following finalists games in our professional category.

Due to the length of time required to select the finalists, the due date for these games has been adjusted to October 10, 2010 for the professional category and November 5, 2010 for the student category.  Winners in each category will be announced approximately 6 weeks after the close of the executable submission phase.

(Student finalists are listed below the professional categories.)

Professional Category - Best Game for a Desktop:


Game Name

Game Description

Game Creator

iKIDS STEM History

ikIDS teleport into the scientific invention space of a historical scientist and dialog with them to be the inspiration for the invention solution. They also confront the historical technology of the day as well as the cultural attitudes.

Bob Appelman

Post-Apocalyptic Driver

Back Story: A giant meteor carrying a mutating space virus hits the Earth causing chaos and destruction upon impact and then infecting the surrounding area with the deadly virus that mutates any organic material and even taking over mechanical devices like cars. After the dust settles the remaining human populace set up a perimeter around the impact zone cutting off the area from the rest of the world hoping to contain the virus. Attempts by the military to enter the area to clear it of the mutants have met with failure and even a drastic nuclear attack on the meteor itself has had little effect (this also sets up the final area of the map to be inaccessible due to high levels of radiation until you can access radiation shielding). Now groups of survivors and scientists in the quarantine zone must fend for themselves and find a way to neutralise the infection. The Goal: To drive around killing mutants and ultimately to find a cure for the virus. Game Concept:

Kevin Tsang


First Person mystery on a supposedly inhabited island in temperate climes, with emphasis on atmosphere influencing gameplay (heavy sea fog, wind whipped rain, tides...) and "spooky effects" to unnerve and unsettle a player as they attempt to solve the mystery of why the island has recently been deserted. Emphasis on weather and tides, so as to model realistic effects of wind and waves upon physics objects (shutters that get blown about, boats that bob properly and so on), providing a fitting atmosphere for a forbidding investigation. Demo would include fully investigable starting area that is the "docks" (a small pier with a few houses, every part of house is visitable) and access to every part of the island over-land but not access to every location.

James Fryatt

Mechtek warzones

A "Mech" like game but your goal is to take control of a group and territory. Once that is done u have to defend and/or attack,depending on the battlefront.You place your troops and can participate (3rd or 1st) to a chosen a warzone.It's a strategy/first per son shooter.


Pink War

(Project Natal/Intel Visual Adrenal) http://PinkWar.spaces.live.com We are going develop Pink war is never ending "inner space" 3D graphics Game run project Natal http://PinkWar.spaces.live.com and movie of next generation entertainment behaviour of the blood body and DNA guarding by white cell V/.Pink cell Villain and virus team of HIV/AIDS cancer. The First Movie and Animation Game themed on Internal Human Biological body for generation next's educational awareness acting as an alertness creator to protect ones own body DNA against unidentified infections disease e.t.c. This is the only game of its kind where extensive DNA knowledge of "inner space" contained in the biological human body can be gained merely by playing the game. It is very useful to students of medicine and would be surgeons/ doctors /pathologists etc. Also it is very educative for school-going children right from the nursery stage right up to matriculation so that they become aware of the map and complexity.


Spell Dancer

At the Academy of Weapons, Magic, and...Stuff, life or death battles are nothing out of the ordinary... Students must learn to plan ahead, think fast, fight, and...dance? Spell Dancer is a turn-based 3D Strategy RPG which mixes the fast paced dancing action found in games like Dance Dance Revolution, with the story, depth, and gameplay that players expected from SRPGs. Featuring deep character customization, hundreds of items, and over 30 unique job classes. Survive school life with the quirky cast of characters! Command your party in epic strategic battles! Use a dance pad to cast spells and unleash special attacks! Change the battlefield with the elemental terrain effect system!

Josiah Lebowitz


Surrounded is a 3d adventure and exploration game. Much like in real life, objects and their functionality are based off of what they are closest to. Their context defines what they are and every object is surrounded is the same way. As they player you need to rearrange the little bits of context in order to proceed. (Ex) Lets start with a light switch next to a door. Take this context of a switch and move it and other switches onto a rectangle and it can become a keyboard piano. Take the new context of a keyboard and move it in front of a monitor and it now becomes a computer that you can use.

Ken Fleming


We guys can create a game based on history's all big wars and future wars that are to be fought on earth and space.All players are assigned a soldier with a limited number of life's.Whenever a new war is about to rage all gamers aka soldiers are informed to be ready.All of them then compete at a particular ground for glory and the war could continue for a week or month depending on how many of them are still alive.As the game's TRP increase more and more players signup for this massive online war game.Once dead you cant fight in the same war,but you can take part in new upcoming war by paying a good comeback fees.


Earth Day(2020) - Planet in Crisis

The polution of the earth even as awareness has grown, is exponentially out of control. Natural disasters occur more frequently, vast spans of green areas have been decimated, more and more animals are added to the endangered species list. Stone is visited in a dream by gaia(spirit of the earth) and dubbed Warden of the earth...At the same time the earth is angry and has created (un)natural events and creatures to purge the earth of man. Stone must battle these to save mankind and travel back in time to key periods in time to save the earth.

Edward Korbieh


The Gun Fighters is a MMORPG idea that I came up with that devles into the fascinating period of American history known as the Old West. Unlike other games on the market, GF would be one of a kind, the first and only MMORPG of the genre. I am neither a programmer or a dev, however I have extensively thought out this idea and have a complete game project in mind. The basic objective of the game, like other MMORPG's is to succeed and have much fun in the process. Quest in and explore the untamed wilderness of the old American West, both in a historical and fictional setting, full of rich story lines, tall tales, in the midst of a living, breathing world. Players would have a choice of nationalities, instead of races- ie. American, Mexican, Native American Indian, etc. each with it's own unique passive "racial" skills as seen in other MMORPG's. The real fun however comes with the expansive and diversified selection of class choices.

Edmund Carter

FarmVille-like Virtual Learning

Since millions of people has been addicted to social networking games such as farmville, why not take the addiction an opportunity to learn. We will create a game like farmville but instead of managing a farm users will be learning different topics or subjects. There will also be levels, badges, special items, quests, avatars and more. An assessment on the users knowledge or skill on topics will be done to determine his level on a certain subject. Topics ranges from very basic to a more complicated one. Subjects can also be open to the community for any possible creation, approval and or removal from the games topics. This will create a new dimension to gaming, learning and online collaboration of experts and students!

Romulo Olalia, Jr.




Polluted Planet

Basically this is just a game about cleaning up pollution. It sounds like a simple idea, but with my extremely fast multithreaded physics engine that I've been working on for several years (please check my youtube channel: youtube.com/kotsoft), I think I can make the gameplay simply amazing. It can handle hundreds of thousands of self colliding particles right on the CPU. I can simulate many kinds of materials and have worked really hard on making the multiphase simulation as stable as possible.


Have Time Will Travel

Have Time Will Travel is a 4 player co-op brawler that takes combat to new heights while giving the player a story they actually care about. The player will be transported to amazing set pieces all throughout history to fight for their freedom from an oppressive super-intelligent science experiment gone wrong. With a diverse set of heroes using their unique abilities to survive, the player will have to learn strategies to defeat opponents through on-the-fly character switching or good old fashioned teamwork in co-op mode. With a leveling system to keep players wanting to unlock the next ability and learn new combat techniques, the game has something to offer any fan of dudes who beat up other dudes. The game is a simple 2D beat em up with a story (for once) filled with a lot of humor, but also characters that have personalities.

Kyle Roberts


COMBAT ARMOR SUIT (C.A.S): POSITIONING C.A.S. is an "X-COM meets MechWarrior" game that gives core gamers overpowered futuristic weapons and puts them in a dense urban combat environment. "Collateral damage, while not encouraged, is very much expected." USPS Top-down dual stick action with Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements in a completely destructible environment KEY FEATURES 1. UNIQUE GENRE HYBRID • A dual-stick action shooter combined with smart fire-team tactical strategy. • Pre-mission equipment shop adds metagame and RPG elements C.A.S lets gamers give orders like "Cover me" or "Defend that area" to a squad of 3 AI controlled teammates while enjoying the fun of dual-stick action shooter. 2. DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT • An urban environment where everything is interactive, and destructible. • Damage a building enough and it collapses




Professional Category - Best Game for a Laptop:


Game Name

Game Description

Game Creator


Purple is a game about parallel existence and gameplay. Everything in Purple is split into either red or blue and neither of the two can interact with each other directly. The goal of this game is to get to the end however the challenge come from trying to get both red and blue to the end together. This is a challenge because although the player characters are identical, the environments and situations within each are not. The point of purple is to try to understand parallel reality and that although there are differences in the details, the start and end will always be the same. http://nimerra.net/images/Purple/KenFleming_Purple_01.jpg http://nimerra.net/images/Purple/KenFleming_Purple_02.jpg http://nimerra.net/images/Purple/KenFleming_Purple_03.jpg

Ken Fleming


1950's, during an experimental test of nuclear technology desert in Nevada, something went terribly wrong or right. Scientists unlocked a time "Rift" in time to the past. After years of testing, they were able to make the time rift device portable (Time Rift Device = TRD), and able jump to specific times in history. The U.S. government uses the rifts to create an army of soldiers using the best fighters from throughout time. Shortly after testing started, a TRD was stolen and backward engined by a enemy country. They use the device against the U.S. spawning evil soliders (Nazis, Mongolians) and starts the third world war.

Josh Lander

Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja

You, an ordinary teenager, have decided to earn some extra cash for the summer by setting up your own car washing stand. Unfortunately, the local branch of Ninja Car Washing Inc. is right across the street and they don't appreciate the competition. Wash cars quickly and thoroughly to keep your customers happy and keep the money coming in. But beware! Those pesky ninja will do everything they can to run you out of business. You'll need to use your wits, reflexes, and collection of basic car washing tools to defend against their attacks while continuing to make your cars sparkly clean in as little time as possible. Learn to wield powerful items such as the Garden Hose, Bucket of Soapy Water, Giant Sponge, and Reptile Wax both to clean cars and fend off the attacking ninja. You'll start by defending against simple threats like mud slinging and ninja throwing stars. Prove yourself superior to such petty tricks and your reputation will grow, earning you more customers and more attenti

Josiah Lebowitz


A billiard-type game played on a chess-like board by two players or by one player against a computer as the opponent. The game has the universal and enduring appeal of classic games, in an embodiment which incorporates lasers. The game is designed to please the hundreds of millions of chess and billiard fans. It can be seen as a game of chess with an extra challenge, or a game of billiard with an extra challenge. It's educational, competitive, requires skills and is for all ages: No violence or foul language. BilliChess takes two minutes or less to understand the rules but yields infinite possibilities. Please review it in detail, drawings included, at http://BilliChess.com



Name: Icebreakers Genre: Racing / Vehicular Combat Platform: PC Developer: Xibalba Studios ESRB Rating: E Players: 1-4 Game Description: Icebreakers is an arena vehicle combat game where a group of kids compete in custom-built, ice-emitting vehicles to earn the ultimate prize: "Neighborhood Bragging Rights". Icebreakers is the latest extreme winter sport where players are pitted against each other in a grueling match of ice sledge destruction. Wielding the power to materialize trails of ice, many sleds will break and to the victor goes the ultimate Icebreaker trophy. Move your trail to freeze the competition, use each kid's unique ability, throw snowballs and grab special items, do whatever it takes to become the Icebreaker Champion. Features: • Smooth curved ice trails. • 6 playable characters (+ 2 bonus characters), all with unique vehicles and crazy abilities. • Single player in-depth story mode. • 5 over-the-top game modes. • 10 levels, each taking the player to fantast

Ricardo Villarreal

Little Seedlng

You start off as a seed, slowly movng your first stem towards light, as you control the main portion of your flower. As it grows, you sprout out smaller stems that will collect water and soil. he more you collect, the stronger you get, and the more stems and roots you can grow out. As your plant grows, you'll need a strong foundation in order to blossom into a magnificant symbol of life. For speed, you can put all your roots in the sunlight, and for strength, you can try for soil and water. Other plants, bugs, and man made hazards may lie in your way keeping you from your potential, but it's up to you to figure out how to adapt to an ever changing environment as you traverse through different environments. As you grow, you must spread your life out through a cave, oak tree, the bottom of a lake, the crack in a sidewalk, or even a kitchen pot. You keep growing and following your dreams until you blossom into a large planet, flower, or tree. If you have a strong enough foundation and can

Tim Lobes

Galaxy Tactics

It's an interplanetary arms race! In this 2D turn-based strategy game, use brute force, tactical prowess, and personal finesse to colonize planets and rule the galaxy. Test your skill against the AI in single-player mode or challenge a group of friends for ultimate bragging rights. But your opponents aren't your only challenge, because the planets themselves present uncharted surprises that can strengthen your campaign or break your empire. Play on the game's randomly generated map layouts, or scratch your creative itch and customize your own. Casual players can enjoy a quick match, while more ambitious players can formulate detailed strategies that rival the most competitive chess games. Take no prisoners (or do, it's your choice!) in this quest to be the best!



I shall keep the game design brief and not get too much into game mechanics for now. Basically the game revolves around a eternal battle between Dinos (Dinosaurs specifically the Yinlong Downsi Oxfordian species from China) and Zombie creatures reminiscent of the Frankenstein genre. The main gameplay character is the Dino, you will start off with a child dino with no additional power except what nature has granted you. And go through levels and keep collecting upgrades and special powers/weapons. As you progress through the game, the enemies and environments get tougher and more complex. The initial levels are side scrolling with the usual mix and match of power pickups and basically you trying to avoid any confrontations with Zombies since youre devoid of any special tactics or weapons, if you although end up in a dual you still have your natural abilities to stun your enemies and escape.



an orphan at a christian school but when he is 18 his brother comes the school and tries to kill him but when he gets stabed he get powers of darkness and he kills demons while he saves the planets core from dying and in the end he sacrifices himself to save earth


Aventura de Alf

Quiero un juego donde alf un personaje de television juegue una aventura en la que debera escapar de sus secuestradores y luego llegar a su nave donde va a viajar a su planeta Melmac, donde una raza de ratas gigantes se esta apoderando de su pueblo, para que finalmente vaya a casa de su familia, los Taner.

Jorge Aguilar

Doom of Diseases

This is the story of Chandramukhi the princess of kingdom Himnagri (in the valley of Himalaya). When she returns from her studies she finds that her kingdom is cursed. Everybody is suffering from different diseases. Her palace is full of ugly monsters. Her prisoned father tells that these are not monsters but diseases in their physical form. She must kill the physical diseases to free all. She decides to go for meditation to please a goddess to get power to kill them. Now its your choice which goddess to please: the goddess of battle or the goddess of knowledge. ► The goddess of battle will give you a powerful weapon and will convert you in a deadly warrior. Just take care of your health and power. But soon you'll realize that the more you kill, the more they grow in population. ►When you choose goddess of knowledge, you'll get 'veda' the book of all knowledge. Just face the book to any disease and get its full information.


Nature's Wrath

The concept that we are presenting in this contest is a puzzle with intuition game type, with indirect actions over a world we create. What we are developing is a game that introduces the players as "the nature", which is decided to eradicate all living beings in an earth-like world. The player has some directs power that cannot harm any of the living creatures in the planet. Instead, combining these powers with earth elements allows him to unleash chain reaction powers that can be devastating. In order to be able to fulfill his goal, he will need to use his intuition to create those chain reactions and to solve the puzzle we challenge him with. A sample of what we are designing would be: in order to create fire as "the nature", you need to first create a lightning. Yet the player will not have that power, instead the player will have the power of moving clouds through the use of his wind power. By applying his powers, he will be able to gather several clouds.


Journey to the Poles

A polar bear living in north pole wants to travel to the south pole to meet the penguins. But changing geographical conditions at different latitude is stopping almost all creatures to travel long. Thanks to the morph stations in the game, where you can enter and convert to an animal which is habitual to that location. Journey Guide: Just follow simple nature rules, eat food (vegetation/animal), stay away from predators, meet someone like you to get another life, use morph stations to ease the journey. But be careful, as soon as you convert to another animal, the rules changes (predator and food changes), also changes your weight and power. This is a physics based puzzle game (3D), where every animal is represented by balls (of different weight), vegetation is represented by boxes. You have to walk carefully else you'll fall down the cliff. You have to use morph station to change to another ball to ease your movement, and use different physical constraints to solve puzzles. You also ha



A fast action RPG set in a dark medieval time. The player will control one of five classes as a gladiator, born into slavery. In a struggle for survival and knowledge, you will battle your way through hordes of enemies inside the bloody arena. The crowd just wants to see blood, but will that be all there is to your existence? The game will seek to enrich the RPG genre by combining its tried and true storytelling and character advancement mechanics with an action packed style of combat as smooth and skilful as can be found in any fighting game. This style of combat is further enhanced by physics, which will literally let you tear the place up. Too frightened to face the mayhem alone? Bring your friends along as the game will fully support co-op play. Can't get enough of the bloodshed? Spill some of your friends' in competitive arena matches. The crowd wanted blood, it's time you provide. Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AC_YlDXhBc

Mustafa Karaalioglu

Tales of Turton (beta)

Tales of Turton is 2D graphic arcade platformer. Key features: - high-dynamic gameplay - random generated levels. Explore infinite dungeons full of treasures and deadly monsters. - brand new shader-driven graphic engine (Direct3D 9 used). Great synthesis of sprite graphics and modern 3D graphic technologies is presented. - per-pixel lightning - full screen post processing effects - many graphic options allow to play on different kind of hardware from computers with integrated graphic cards to high-end game systems. Screenshots from early versions: http://massivesynthesis.com/TT/levelup2010/screen_1.png http://massivesynthesis.com/TT/levelup2010/screen_2.png http://massivesynthesis.com/TT/levelup2010/screen_3.png




Professional Category - Best Game for a Netbook:


Game Name

Game Description

Game Creator


In the far future, you control the economic fate of your planet in this sci-fi social networking game! Create a unique race and interact with others by establishing trade routes, alliances, and deciding what to export or produce. Will you mine your planet's natural resources and supply other planets, or will you create manufactured goods? Earn money to spend on researching faster ways to produce, greater efficiency, or ways that will have less of an environmental impact on your planet. Maintain your planet's balance while building your economy or risk extinction!

Rhys Yorke


balloon is a game that can ideally be placed between the casual game and hardcore game catagory. The user will control a floating balloon from which it can increase or decrease air to reach from point A to point B. It cannot go very high because it will burst if it touches ceilng and cannot travel if it lands on ground. The user will have to rely on his judgement regarding how he uses the air inside the balloon to cross the level. User will be given rare air pockets at certain level areas so that he can refill a certain amount of air in its balloon. The game is all about puzzle solving and challenging levels

Amrinder Singh Nagi

Drum Ball

This is a simple but addicted arcade multilevel game where you have a room with a pipe fix on the ceiling where metal balls can fall if you pull a lever. First you hear a tune or a set of tunes, then you need to rotate and move some drums and tamborines in order to get a metal ball bouncing and making the same tune or set of tunes that you heared, every time you try your arrangement it sounds, and later you hear the correct tune, you have time limits and get point for less time and for less tries.

Johann Espejo


Spellbinder is a physics based game that puts you into the role of a wizard, trying to unlock the secrets of his past. Create items to aid you in your quest, summon objects and spells to make your way through the world. Non-linear gameplay solutions will let you fly through the level, toasting everything in your path, crushing things with massive objects, or using stealth and cunning to move through the world unseen.


Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat is a casual, single player puzzle game. The objective is to solve a series of puzzles set before the player and to achieve the objective of the game. The North Pole has always been a hostile environment. But in a strange twist of fate, the natives of the land discover a strange alien artifact, which they dubbed the Orb, that can absorb & retain light and heat when exposed to it and then radiate it over a long period of time. But the Orb needs concentrated doses of sunlight and it is rather heavy and cannot be moved around easily despite its deceptively small size. Given that even the peak of summer has watery sunlight at best in the Arctic, the native people decided to fashion lenses, prisms and mirrors out of ice to focus, concentrate and reflect light to the Orb. But once the light is concentrated through a lens, it gets intense enough to melt the ice over a period of time. So the challenge now seems to be to focus the sunlight for as long as possible on the Orb.

Amogh Chakravarthy

Balloon Alien

You are a mouse, assistant to a scientist. The scientist is doing a secret experiment on you, of which this world is not aware of, but another world is. Aliens from another world do not want this experiment to be successful, they want to kill you and destroy the lab. The aliens look like balloon, their hands look like strings. They can open their head opening though strings (hands) and release explosive gas & solids. You have been kept in a glass vessel with small openings on the top, so physically they can't reach you, but their explosives can. The scientist forgot a laser pointer in your chamber, now use it to blast these aliens. ►There are different optical objects (concave/convex lenses, mirrors etc.) present in between you and aliens. Analyse deeply how the light travels through these objects to take benefit of them, else they'll make the target difficult. Some of the objects are moving, and some are changing their curvature, to make the game more difficult.


Mechanism III

Can you figure out what lines and shapes to cut threw to make the timepiece get to the goal? Cut and slice the environment to get the ball to the portal. Play Beta-version: http://www.flashgamelicense.com/swfs/enc/swf_6mzqczze11715_loader.swf


KartToon Rally

KartToon Rally is a retro-style Mode 7 racer that lets you use power-ups to stop your opponents as you race around nine different courses. Choose between four cartoon characters: Robbie Duckie, Piggie Smalls, Ricky Raccoon, and Racer Rex. Listen to the peppy music as you zip through lava, dodge penguins, and leap over crocodiles - KartToon Rally is fun for the whole family. Features * Four characters to choose from * Five power-ups * Nine unique tracks with mirrored courses * Three modes of play: Grand Prix, Time Trial, or Free Play * Options to customize game speed and steering sensitivity * Graphics optimized for Netbook screen resolution ***Link to game video: http://www.ware-wolf.net/?p=104



Cycle is a turn based strategy board game. Goal is to win more fields than the opponent by occupying corner stones of fields. In strategic game mode the gameply is enhanced by use of collectible cards of pre defined sets. Cycle is designed for handhelds, tablets and net books and uses very low resources. Its user interface is designed for gestures and stylus pens.

Vater Frost


Bullzeye is a wonderful archery game with the objective of hitting the bullseye with an arrow shot from bow. Try your luck at hitting the bullseye with an arrow. Shoot arrows at a target set at varying distances.

Maruti Sanker L


In HeliRide, a helicopter pilot is on a joy ride in the sky. Control the movements of the helicopter to collect bonus points and to survive. It?s a fun adventure game with 10 courageous levels. Fly a fun adventure in the sky.

Maruti Sanker L


This is a social networking game in which players take control of a fictional humanitarian organization in a fictional war-torn country. Players must balance between gaining acceptence, enhancing operations, improving skills, developing resources, and increasing donor support, mismanagement of which translate into an increase in the sufferring of the population under your ward. The meat of the game is during the frequent flashpoints that occur through the course of the game. Whether relating to civilians caught in crossfire, the setting up of refugee camps, delivering food supplies, managing natural disaster, or handling an epidemic outbreak, you have to send your aid workers and guide them to assist and protect vulnerable populations. Along with logistical concerns of effectively managing the situation, the aid workers may also come across armed groups who may or may not respect your organization's attempt to aid others. In any case, your aid workers must help as many as they can.

Asrul Daniel Ahmed

Rivals Race

"A multiplayer 3D racing game" suitable for Netbooks• Collect powers, and use them to speed up or fail the opponents. New levels can be easily created and shared• Auto tweet to your favourite social site to encourage your friends to join you• Highly optimized 2.5D physics engine which gives acceptable quality with high speed• As Flash 10.1 is hardware accelerated for Netbook, this can also be ported to Flash as an app for different social networking sites.This has been designed so that it can be ported to platforms without depthbuffer (e.g. Flash).


Blood Flood

Three friends: a driver, a guard and a plumber are in a mission. They have to transport some goods from one place to another, through a tunnel under flood situation. Enemies are entering through holes in the tunnel. The guard has to deal with enemies while the plumber has to fix the holes, and the driver needs to pick the goods. Did I mention their names? RBC, WBC and guess the third one. This is a simple physics based casual game where you can only control one character at a time. You have to choose right character at right time and perform the desired task.The USP of this game is fluid simulation. Interaction of thousands of moving objects under fluid force will be something unique for Netbooks. Watch an early video here http://software.intel.com/en-us/videos/blood-flood-game-video-under-development/


Vectrix Mini

On a distant world of living machines, an insignificant worker emerges from an recharging center having been accidentally given the wrong upgrade. Yesterday, it diligently performed its duties, just a dedicated cog in what it thought was a great and noble mechanical society. Now, it knows that just what the cost of keeping this vast military empire is. You begin a impossible mission to try verify this knowledge is true, while trying to inform and change your society. You play one of several types of unarmed, pacifist drone workers who attempt to escape from a repressive and intolerant military society that continues to exist by decimating worlds for raw materials. You have only the equipment that you come across, including scrap parts from other robotic members of your society. Your oppressors want you silent and have incredible weaponry and resources at their disposal. You have no choice but to outwit them, using your environment to your advantage to avoid, trap, and incapacitate.

Michael Feeney



Student Category Finalists - Best Game for a Desktop


Game Name

Game Description


Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a 3rd person action strategy game which takes place on a spaceship overrun by aliens. The game will be based on an isometric camera for navigation through the ship and when engaged in combat the camera will evolve into a battle arena highlighting the advanced real time combo system. The game will allow for scalability in battle and level navigation.

Mike Godsey

Golf Car Rally

What do you get when you cross vehicular combat with first-person shooter (FPS) modes? Golf Car Rally! Choose one of the three available golf carts and tear around golf courses in a modified Capture the Flag (18 flags vs. two in typical FPS matches) mode or a Territories mode. Use golf inspired weapons to fend off enemies and win the game! Online multi-player enhances the experience. Just don't try this at your local course!

Katie Sabin


Goo-Fu is a 3D Side Scrolling platform game where you control a cute, ball-shaped creature, Coop, who use his two limbs and three special forms to overcome obstacles, kill enemies and solve puzzles Core Gameplay: A physics puzzle-platformer, Goo Fu has you swinging through levels solving puzzles, fighting enemies and bosses, finding upgrades and powerups, etc. The main gameplay includes the use of Coop's unique stretchy arms and four different forms to help him combat any given situation.

Amol Bankar

Unseen Game

This is a FPP Adventure game where the main character is blind... try imagine that you have open your eyes and saw nothing... nothing at all. What to do? Probably you start to scream... then you can hear your voice reverbed from walls, it seems you are in a hall. Try to move right... pad suddenly vibrated and you heard sound - you hit the wall... move left... the same. Player is moving around, where to go? You can hear a strange repeating sound, and going there. The general idea of the game is to let player play by focusing on sounds and general orientation in space

Lukasz Pasek

I am Gladiator

The Gladiator project will be the first deep fighter experience for the PC putting the player in the role of the life long Roman gladiator fighting for life, honor, fame, or freedom. The hardened life of a roman slave will come to life as the player works his way through the ranks of the gladiator. The player can chose to play for the glory of his master, the money and fame of being a champion of a city or the nation, or he can fight to earn his freedom. This adventure will take the player from the dirt yards of the small ludus to the main arena in Rome.

Shawn Morrison

Chaos in the Olympus

The game would be centered in a conflict between the Gods of Greek Mythology. It would be a fighting game but not locked to 2d movements (ex. first fighting games), it will actually have huge vast environments (destructible, interactive, changing), with incredible super powerful attacks and combos. The movements of the characters would be completely free (you can go anywhere you want), and the camera will be a 3rd person camera that you can move around or lock to the opponent. Every Greek god would have its own set of abilities and story behind him (what is his position and role in the conflict) and the game play would be fast battles but huge colossal characters and environments.

Anthony Najjar

Elemental Morphose

Elemental Morhpose is a third-person platform/puzzle game for an audience of 10-12 years old. The player controls a character that can morphe into 1 of the 4 elements of nature (fire, water, wind and earth). The player need to use these elements to solve small puzzles so he can reach the levels exit.

Jyrki Coertjens


You are a person who used to be a US Marine but had an incident. When you start you are the stranded on a infected planet, the infection is to walk among the dead but still alive. Every time you finish a chapter you recover a piece of history on that planet.

Matthew Saxby

Action with Supernatural 'eyes' ability

The player will play as protagonist who have spacial eyes. He can look though every (maybe most of) object in the game. **That mean we have use computing performance to control transparent of all object. The eyes may also have ability to see an event before it does happen (for 1-2 second may enough for shooting).

Wanasit Tanakitrungruang

Roads Of Mumbai

Roads Of Mumbai is 3rd person Shooter/RPG. As the name suggests the game will be set in Mumbai,India during the 90s. The time when Indian Mafia was at its peek and there was chaos everywhere. The game follows three story-lines and the endings are decided in a traditional RPG method using a Karma Scale. Its a Shooter so it has the basic cover,blind-fire and stick your neck out & shoot system. Other than that the story has everything from emotional drama to high octane action. 1)Story line The Storyline has 3 options. The Orphan,The Middle Class & The Family Business.


DoomsDay Destruction

"Large scale destruction simulation"• Select vehicle: Truck or Helicopter.• The day, this world ends, has arrived. Let's see how long you can survive. You are in a big city, all the roads are surrounded by tall buildings. The nature is determined to kill everyone. The city is covered by volcano ashes, all the buildings are falling, and are so brittle that even your vehicle can collapse them. Neither the road not the sky is safe. The earth is welcoming you by the falling roads, and the fire is welcoming you by volcano fireballs. The aim is to amuse player by fear and perfectly simulating destruction in a big world. Most of the meshes and physical objects will be run-time created according to the impact. A building can be broken in thousands of pieces. • This game will push the limits of a high end PC by its Physics, AI and triangle-count. Big objects physics will be done in CPU (multithreaded), while small objects physics will be done in GPU.


Pro Snooker League

A snooker game but with the exception that everything is entirely physics-based, that means trick shots are possible depending upon the user's skill level in the game. A complete simulation of the sport.



The game is a typical 3rd person race n fight game but not between usual bots, players, cars etc....but between rikshaws. GamePlay: The Player controls a simple rikshaw running on the typical streets of India. It is hand-pulled rikshaw. The Rikshaw puller (player) is in a race to become the fastest one on the streets so as to win a fame for himself. For this he has to fight with other rikshaws in various races of different types. During the races the player can make use of various weapons, available to him, on other racers. The game starts out with a simple stone aged rikshaw and as the player advances through winning he gets more n more advanced with all custom parts like speed boosters, gears etc

Kushagra Gour

Vesper: Vanguard Chronicles

Game Concept: The player is a student of an academy that is taking part in a government research company's largest project yet. The students have complete freedom of their courses and there is no tuition, the only requirement is that no information about the project is to be leaked to the outside world. Students have access to the company's latest advancement, Vespers. These creatures are the students' allies and help progress their skills and raise their overall rank within the school. The player will have to balance lectures, homework, club activities, and newly formed friendships all while obtaining new Vespers and completing assignments for ASTER, the company footing the bill and making the changes to the academy.



Alter gravity to solve a variety of physics-based puzzles. Puzzle elements range from the standard crates and switches, to the more exotic, with light and solar panels, gas, etc. Quanta will have a minimal art style, with greyscale and a lot of contrast, using bright colors to draw attention to important elements.

Riley Adams



Student Category Finalists - Best Game for a Laptop


Game Name

Game Description


White Horse

White Horse is a slick, brutal action platformer that marries nerve-wracking stealth with split-second gunplay. Players take control of White, an enigmatic contract killer for the powerful and elite. When an assassination sparks a global war, White must juggle conflicting loyalties and his nebulous morality as he fights to save the world and come out alive. White Horse is a stealth game that isn't afraid to get its hands dirty. Players must select targets with care, maneuver into position, and plan their shots before the lead starts flying. Gunfights are fast, tactical, and white-hot intense. With a little improvisation, players can drop a room full of thugs before the first casing hits the floor. White Horse is designed with laptops and netbooks in mind, using only 2D graphics and Shader 2.0 technology. Slower machines will have no trouble processing WH's intense minimalist art style, while more powerful computers can run the game with bloom lighting, depth-of-field, and blur effects.

Patrick Delaney

Riblink and the dredroll

The year is 2078. After the events of aftermath a group of smart young suvivors form a union called The Dredroll. Thier aim is to eliminate the newly evolved species called nich squedren later forms of mans best friend dogs who's brains evolved due to over exsposure to man's civilization. As thier expedition continued they meet a hero riblink. Riblink is teenager who spent his life in the wild and learnt ninjitsu before the war him and his family moved to live in the forests of west mountain he is reluctant at first but soon he is forced to join the dredroll after saving them from a drill patrol. In this game the player uses riblink and recieve commands from the head of dredroll blackguage.The main aim is to destoy the empire of RAD to free humans from the concentration camps all over the world.

Michael Ikuru

The mountaineering

The game is a simulation of mountain climbers . You can climb alone or with groups on servers It will simulate all te stages, adventures and dangers and the best views of the highest mountains.

Arie Gartenlaub

Trials of the Stars

This game is about stars, at the end of a star's life, they supernova before turning into black holes. But what if Black Holes were evil portals to a dimension completely devoid of light? And that dying stars were exploded to create these portals against their will? Being the givers of life in a galaxy, stars are like Gods, controlling the flow of life in their solar systems and watching them evolve. These Black Holes, once considered an inevitability amongst the stars, have been spewing forth evil beings and sucking whole galaxies inside to form Quasars, havens for the evil critters from another dimension. The stars, now using their Godly powers, have decided to fight back, transforming to become champions, to protect existence itself. You can control one of these champions. In the beginning, your character can be one of four types, each one based on a star at a different stage.



You are our only hope for survival. Civilizations reluctance to help the less fortunate has caused all of society to become stagnant. As a result, all the world's children have turned to stone. In order to turn them back to normal and save the future, they require education and freedom. You are the only one capable of interacting with Pomana. The camera rotates around the tree, Pomana. You use the mouse to control the game's protagonist, gather fruit and feed it to the tree while protecting the fruit and the children from enemies. To aid you in this endeavor is your Alter Ego, which can attack the enemy's source of power. You save the Children by dousing them in education. To feed the fruit to the tree you must bounce the fruit into its mouth.

Roel Coucke

Little Folk

A heart warming exploration into the true meaning of childhood. Little Folk is simple enough for anyone to pick up and offers a deep story told through the subtext for more mature audiences to enjoy. Little Folk is a side scrolling platformer with an emphasis on puzzle solving. Escaping the monster that torments their civilization, you will help the Little Folk run to safety by ensuring the path before them is traversable playing as the Oracle.

Phil Pecoraro

DoomsNight Race

"Musical Car Racing with many hurdles"• A professional racer is now racing with his death. The world is collapsing, and volcano fireballs are ready to burn your vehicle. You can't control you speed, but you can steer your car, and thus avoid obstacles (AI cars and fireballs) and select choices (e.g. take flyover or subway), which can make you dead or alive. The road is full of cars, other cars will try their best to avoid collision with you but the cars with dead drivers won't. • This is a fast pace musical game, all the levels are having different music. The road turns according to music and events are triggered according to instruments so you get a 6th sense to assist your choice. Anything can happen in this game, your road can shake or collapse, even the flyover/subway/bridges are not safe.• "Musical Mode" in this game realtime changes colors of buildings according to instrument note, so that you can fully enjoy the music.


Solar Conflict

Solar Conflict is a space combat game with a goal to upgrade the simple fun of star control.  Game features: * Star control style combat in groups. * Non linear scenario effected by player decisions and performance * Dynamically balanced difficulty * Verity of ships and weapons including healing and paralyzing shots * Free word play driven by AI agents * Verity of missions: combat, trading, tower defense, racing, gambling... * Online learning, editable AI * procedural generated ships weapons and solar systems.

Kobi Nistel


A painting game in in which you create dynamic paintings using sand and fires and other original tools. the game evaluates your paintings and you receive trophies according to your work.

Kobi Nistel


Symbiosis, an exciting 4 player co-op arcade party game that will bring you hours of fun! Become self-sustaining by helping your neighboring villages to survive: send out villagers, who will collect resources and deliver them to your friends, while you organize the harboring of incoming supplies and foreigners for your own village. Use those supplies to build schools, hospitals, farms and workshops. These buildings will provide a steady supply of resources to make life a little easier. Tactics will have to be devised to ensure the evolution of every village in the area. One of the Imagine Cup themes is incorporated by obligating players to collaborate instead of competing against each other. We feel this is the strong point in our game. Making the world a better place is a team effort after all! Symbiosis emphasizes the importance of natural resources in real life




Student Category Finalists - Best Game for  a Netbook


Game Name

Game Description


Uber Card Fighter Extreme!

We take your traditional fighting game and boil it down to the bare essentials with this card version of a popular fighting game. Complete with combos and last ditch "beserker" moves, this game will let players experience the action and excitement of fighting games...without the combo memorization or sweaty hands!

Katie Sabin

Asteroid Robo-Marines from Outer Space

The Hades asteroid belt is home to the richest fuel deposits in known space. Since its location became public knowledge, several megacorporations have made a push for ownership of the asteroid belt. By sending in their specially equipped Robo-Marines in the hope of removing rival mining interests, the Megacorps have turned the asteroid belt into an out-and-out warzone. 'Asteroid Robo-Marines from Outer Space' is a fast paced 3rd person shooter game designed to bring LAN parties to netbooks. Each player takes control of a robot from one of the megacoporations.

Daniel Richards


The premise is that of a time travelling adventure game, player takes the role of Dej Avu a charismatic, time travelling detective on the tail of a murder. In order to solve the case and prevent the murder he must repeatedly relive the couple of days leading up to it, changing events as he goes. Player can use the time machine to travel to different points across the few days and learns the suspects routine and changes things as they go i.e suppose one of the suspects accuses the victim of stealing something of theirs (but actually lost it) at a certain time on the 2nd day, the player can go back to that point and make sure that they don't lose that item, then go forward to the night of the murder and see if that has any effect on the outcome. The game focuses a lot on learning the pathways of npcs and setting them on different ones.

Steve Gleaves

Spies Versus Spies

A take on the classic Spy Vs. Spy game, with a 2010 twist: You work with a group of friend, strangers and spies to answer a question collaberatively posed by the game to move your group into another room. The 'Game Board' is an array of 4x4 black boxes, with the currently occupied square illuminated. Correctly answering 10 questions as a team should give the powerup to briefly illuminate all game squares, showing your enemies location!

Matt Ryder

Tom's Fishing Adventure

Tom's been at it again. He's ran away to the great lakes of Michigan to fish. Hoping to get famous quick by catching the biggest fish ever. Help Tom succeed in his mission, and become the most famous fisherman in the world!


Rivals Race

"A multiplayer 3D racing game" suitable for Netbooks• Collect powers, and use them speed up or fail the opponents. New levels can be easily created and shared• Auto tweet to your favourite social site to encourage your friends to join you• Highly optimized 2.5D physics engine which gives acceptable quality with high speed• As Flash 10.1 is hardware accelerated for Netbook, this can also be ported to Flash as an app for different social networking sites.This has been designed so that it can be ported to platforms without depthbuffer (e.g. Flash)


Draw Story

Small man in the big universe? You can do wonders! Draw your way through the colorful world of your notebook, and reveal important secrets of the painting!


Journey to the Poles

A polar bear living in north pole wants to travel to the south pole to meet the penguins. But changing geographical conditions at different latitude is stopping almost all creatures to travel long. Thanks to the morph stations in the game, where you can enter and convert to an animal which is habitual to that location. Journey Guide: Just follow simple nature rules, eat food (vegetation/animal), stay away from predators, meet someone like you to get another life, use morph stations to ease the journey. But be careful, as soon as you convert to another animal, the rules changes (predator and food changes), also changes your weight and power. This is a physics based puzzle game, where every animal is represented by balls (of different weight), vegetation is represented by boxes.


Traffic Police

A casual game where the player has to take control of the city's public transportation system ( like buses ,taxis etc) to help the citizens of the city. Viewed from a top-down view, this 2D game teaches the player, different types of public transportation and how they operate. Buses must ply of the specific bus route, while taxis and three-wheelers (like the auto-rickshaw) must queue up one behind the other. The player earns points by sending the correct vehicle on the lane and thus picking up passengers. Normal passengers earn him standard points while handicapped people earn him more points. The player has to mange the time, city's roads (not bump into sidewalks and kill citizens!) Maximum passengers in the alloted time earn him maximum points and clears the level. As he progresses in the game he will be controlling faster vehicles and more complex road maps where he will need to pan up and down and control vehicles simultaneously.

Aman Y

Island Hopping

Island Hopping is an extremely simple concept, the player must jump between colored islands at increasing speeds without falling into the water below. A variety of powerups, difficulty modes, and a scoring system with a number of stats (score, distance, time etc) add to the arcade-y one-more-play feel.

Riley Adams



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