undefined reference to `MKL_SCALAPACK_INT'

When link with Intel® Math Kernel Library 10.2 update 2 on SGI* Workstation with Intel® Xeon processor, the following error is reported: undefined reference to `MKL_SCALAPACK_INT' undefined reference to `Cdsendrecv'

The cause of this issue happens only when SGI's MPI library and libmkl_blacs_sgimpt_lp64.a library from MKL are used.

Workaround to fix this issue:

Compile a C source file with the below two lines and link it in addition to MKL:

#include <mpi.h>

The undefined reference to MKL_SCALAPACK_INT and Cdsendrecv when using libmkl_blacs_sgimpt_lp64.a has  been fixed in Intel MKL 10.2 update 3 or later.
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