License manager v2.3 required for Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 3 floating licenses

When installing afloating license of the

     Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 2013 SP1 Update 3
     Intel® (Visual) Fortran Composer XE 2013 2013 SP1 Update 3

you may see the error

     'No Valid license was found'.

This happens when you are running older Intel® Software License Manager versions (<v2.3).


Solution: Install the Intel Software License Manger v2.3 or higher. The newest license manager is available from here.
Quick Workaround (if you are not able to update the license manger quickly): Copy the license file used by the license manger to the local license directory of the client machines.

The default license directories are:

          %commonprogramfiles(x86)%\Intel\Licenses\ (on 64-bit Windows OS)
          %commonprogramfiles%\Intel\Licenses\ (on 32-bit Windows OS)
    OS X*:
         /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses/

How to identify the license manager version?
Run the command lmgrd -v from the license manger directory, for example,

    Windows 64-bit:
        "%commonprogramfiles(x86)%\Intel\LicenseServer\"lmgrd -v
    Windows 32-bit:
        "%commonprogramfiles%\Intel\LicenseServer\"lmgrd -v
    Linux / OS X:
        /<installpath>/flexlm/lmgrd -v
        where <installpath> is the path where you installed the license Manager.


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