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Location Data Logger is a location-aware Windows Store app that creates position track logs from your Geolocator sensor and saves them out as CSV, GPX, and/or KML files. It turns your Windows 8 device into a position data logger and is a very useful utility for recording your position over time.

Track logs are used for everything from records of recreational travel to ground-truthing data in geographic databases. With a track log application, you can save a log of a run, hike, bicycle ride, car trip, or static position measurements, and review it at a later date. You can plot the track log on a map, import the data into a Geographic Information System for analysis, or just share your data with others.

This app works best on systems that have an integrated GPS or GNSS receiver. If your system does not have an integrated GPS or GNSS, see the blog series “No GPS? No Problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps” for information on using an external GPS as a Windows Geolocation sensor.

Location Data Logger demonstrates several features of the Windows RT environment, including:

  • Sensors (Geolocation and Simple Orientation)
  • Storyboard animations for UI transitions
  • File I/O
  • Suspending, resuming, and saving session states
  • Persistent user configuration
  • User controls
  • Snapped view support

The app is neither trivial nor overly complex. It demonstrates how you can integrate geolocation capability and other features into a fully-functioning Windows Store app that is more than an academic exercise, and it is small enough that the source code is easy to follow.

Location Data Logger is written in C# and XAML. You'll need the following in order to build and run it:

It will execute on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


Privacy notice

Location Data Logger does record position over time, but it only saves this information to local files in a user-specified folder. Track logs are not shared with any other individuals, computers, or services.

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Location Data Logger can be build and run using visual studio 2012 express edition.

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