Make the Universe Come Alive with the Earth and Space App by ActualConcepts


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Earth and Space utilizes touch-activated, real time simulations to teach space science concepts.

Space is the final frontier, and throughout history countless humans dreamed of exploring it. Now, with the new Earth and Space app by ActualConcepts, you can travel to faraway planets and moons without ever leaving your classroom or home. Simply use your Windows* 8.1 tablet to begin to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Earth and Space is an exciting new educational app that brings the universe to you. Featured on new Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1, this app teaches users about space science through a series of simulations, games and touch-activated lessons. This app’s design encourages learning in a fun and interactive way.

ActualConcepts is an Intel® Software Partner who optimized Earth and Space for the capabilities of Intel Atom tablets for Windows* 8.1. The company accessed Intel tools, code, support and more in the Intel® Developer Zone.

“We feel very fortunate that we were able to partner with Intel during the development of Earth and Space,” said Ravindra Kompella, Director of ActualConcepts. “Thanks to the support we received from Intel, this app is very engaging and educational.”

Intel engineers assisted the developers at ActualConcepts to optimize the Earth and Space app for the unique capabilities of new Windows* 8.1 tablets. In addition, the developer communities within Intel offered technical guidance and assistance with the product’s development. The result is a product that is fresh and unlike other apps on the market.

“We wanted to create an app that is equally fun and educational,” said Kompella. “We believe students learn best when they enjoy and connect with the lesson. This app engages students, which in turn helps them gain a deeper understanding of the science.”

With their high-resolution screens, touch activated capabilities and exceptional battery lives, new Windows* 8.1 tablets are excellent platforms for this unique teaching tool.

Capitalizing on these and other unique features of Windows* 8.1 tablets, ActualConcepts created Earth and Space to be visually appealing and highly interactive. Students and space enthusiasts can learn at their own pace in a way that is enjoyable and entertaining.

ActualConcepts is an application developer based out of Hyderabad, India. For more information visit:

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