Manageability Winners



Meet the winners in our Contest for a Manageability Idea!

Announcing the winner of the Grand Prize: a Desktop PC Based On Intel® vPro™ Technology : Eric Fong for 'Smart Background Backup for Web OS Readiness'

Eric Fong works on networking technology for an Internet based tracking system. In his words, he enjoys 'being a software developer because it brings him satisfaction to build and track cool applications'. When not busy at work, he likes to travel to different places, browse the Internet for information on the latest technology and think about how it can change our life. His winning entry was unanimously selected by our panel of judges!

Here are our winners, with the top vote tabulation after 6 weeks on 11th May, 2007. Congratulations!

Erick Hernan Sanchez Suarez won for 'The control is possible with the best technology'

Erick is a final semester student of electronic engineering. He is currently working on his project about control of security, applying components of electronics and software development. In his words, Erick 'likes to innovate and observe the improvement in platforms, and then research the benefits'. He also loves learning other languages using the Internet, playing puzzles, riding his bicycle and reading.

Sagar Patil won for 'Intel AMT is useful in Satellite Communication': Sagar is a second year Engineering Student specializing in Information Technology. He likes to collect latest knowledge and information in the world of Information Technology. There's more to Sagar: He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker by Ankit Fadia, a Computer Security Expert.

Cijo Abraham Mani for 'Can WLAN implemented to AMT'

Cijo works as a Technical Support Executive in Vanilla Networks, an Australia based company. He is currently working on website optimization technology and related tasks. He loves the software industry as it is a booming industry, developing by the day. As per him 'New ideas spark off new uses' (of technology). Cijo also enjoys browsing websites that provide latest information on software languages and software news, such as , CIOL, Intel Software Communities and ZDnet.

Manpreet Singh won for 'Tech shift from software to firmware'

Congratulations to the first 3 winners in our Contest for a Manageability Idea! After a very exciting, nail biting finish in the community voting, following are our winners with the top vote tabulation after 3 weeks on 20th April, 2007.

Nidhi Gupta won for ‘Intel AMT in ATM's:safe guarding them’

Nidhi works as an Associate Software Engineer for Computer Associate at their ITC development center in Hyderabad, India. In her words, Nidhi 'loves the idea of getting the opportunity to come up with new ideas and then implement the best one'. When not busy at work, Nidhi likes surfing the net, chatting with friends, watching movies, shopping. She is also fond of adventurous sports like trekking, white water rafting.

Zdenek Hrib won for ‘Recovery solution with boot manager over IDE-R and SOL (also for DSL connected PCs)’

ZDenek works on Managed PC solutions for SOHO customers in the healthcare sector, based out of Prague, Czech Republic. He says it is wonderful to make life easy for people using new technologies. When away from work, finishing his PhD studies (patient safety through eHealth) and exploring distant countries keeps Zdenek busy. 

Adrian Freemantle won for ‘Stupid Techie forgot to setup the @#$%! SCSI Adapter’

Adrian works with a company that develops a desktop management suite. In his words, he enjoys the variety that the IT industry offers especially when he gets to work on new and emerging technologies. Making good food and enjoying it with good company is one of his favourite pass times. He also enjoys rock climbing as and when he can find the time for it.

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