Meet Our Community's Black Belt Developers

This is the beginning of new page to spotlight our community's top experts and VIPs - Our Black Belt Developers! 

First, let me announce here and now that our Newest Community Black Belt is Dr. Nagaraja Shamsundar. Dr. Clay Breshears and I will chat with him on Parallel Programming Talk June 7 at 10:00am Pacific: /en-us/tv/

Current Community Black Belts (partial list)

  • Dr. Clay Breshears
  • Steve Lionel
  • James Reinders
  • Vladimir Dudnik
  • Jim Dempsey; Asaf Shelly;
  • Raf Schietekat
  • Dmitriy Vyukov
  • Jugoslav Dujic 
  • Gastón Hillar
  • Igor Levicki
  • Asaf Shelly

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Kathy Farrel

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