Meet the Judges - HavokT Physics Innovation Contest

Here are the judges who will be choosing the winners of this contest – each of them an expert in their own field. If you'd like to learn more about the judging criteria please check out our Official Rules page.

Dave Gargan, Principal Engineer, Havok ™
David Gargan is one of the original founding engineers of Havok. At Havok he architects and leads the development of components of Havok’s runtime technology. Prior to working with Havok he was a lecturer and researcher in the Deptartment of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin.


Mohammad Musa, Sales Engineer - Havok™
Mohammad (Moh for short) joined Havok in March 2007 as a pre-sales engineer. Mohammad enjoys working with the most talented game developers in the Video Games Industry as he supports technical evaluations of Havok's innovative products. Prior to Havok, Moh has worked as a Software and Systems Design Engineer at Sonics, Inc and Xilinx. Moh's passion for video games started at the age of 3 with an Atari console and continued through the years up until the PS3 and Xbox360. Moh can't wait to find out what the next generation of gaming systems will offer.


Orion Granatir, Senior Engineer, Intel® Corporation
Orion Granatir is a senior engineer in the Visual Computing Software Division. Prior to joining Intel in 2007, Orion worked on several PlayStation 3 titles as a senior programmer with Insomniac Games. His most recent published titles are Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.


Mark Subotnick, Intel® Corporation
Mark Subotnick, known as Bot to many, has been in the video games industry since late 1993. Mark has worked in the entertainment industry for most of his life, starting as a club promoter and then moving into the video games industry. He started his video game career at SEGA of America, as a tester and working in various roles and on his way to producing, and managing internal development before moving on in late 2000.

Some of the roles and jobs Mark held during his time at SEGA are lead tester, QA supervisor, worked with marketing, was a PR spokes person, and eventually producer at SEGA.

Mark joined a small start up from 2000 to 2002 working on 3D web enabling technologies. Mark then joined Microsoft in 2002 and began to work on Xbox, Xbox Live, Games for Windows, and eventually Xbox 360 as a Developer Relations Manager. Mark worked with all developers of games for Microsoft platforms in the following territories, Northern California, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Seattle. Mark left Microsoft in 2007 to join Intel Corporation and is now the Executive Producer of Project Offset and the GET team. Mark is credited in over 31 games from 1993 to the Present and has worked on 10 platforms and numerous platfrom launches.

Hugh McAtamney, Dublin Institute of Technology
Hugh McAtamney is a lecturer in computer science in the school of computing in the dublin institute of technology, where he lectures in
game design, middleware and game programming. His M.Phil research degree was on virtual reality and the Internet. He won best paper at the CGAMES conference in france in 2006 and organized the same conference in Dublin the following year. In 2006 he setup the very popular and successful games stream as part of the DIT's computer science degree programme. He is an avid gamer and finds the time to play world of warcraft amongst other games. Outside of work and play his other passion is the sport of triathlon in which he competes and is a race referee. He is race director for the 2010 European triathlon championships.

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