Mobile Power Management Tool


Is there any mobile power management tool available to force the CPU in various power management conditions such as HFM and LFM?


If you are a software developer and are comfortable using APIs, Microsoft has some APIs for Windows* that allow some control for this. See: PowerCreateSetting() and PowerSetActiveScheme(). However, it isn’t recommended generally that an application use these APIs because they affect all applications on the system, which may not be what you want.

Other references

The Application Energy Toolkit is a set of tools designed to help software developers and quality assurance teams to create and evaluate software applications for power awareness. The primary objectives of these tools are to increase the developer's understanding of the application's impact on battery power and to help them create energy-efficient software.

The tools within the Application Energy Toolkit originated in the former Mobile Computing Technology Kit (MCTK) and have been modified to support Windows Vista. The mobility enabling tools provided in the toolkit are intended to support experimentation, testing, and diagnostic evaluation of applications during the software development process.

Intel has released the Google Desktop Sidebar Performance Power Monitor Gadget v1.1 based on feedback from users who have downloaded and used previous version of Gadget software.


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