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Andrey Vladimirov Andrey Vladimirov
HPC Researcher

Andrey Vladimirov, PhD, is Head of HPC Research at Colfax International*. His primary interest is the application of modern computing technologies to computationally demanding scientific problems. Prior to joining Colfax, A. Vladimirov was involved in computational astrophysics research at Stanford University, North Carolina State University, and the Ioffe Institute (Russia), where he studied cosmic rays, collisionless plasmas and the interstellar medium using computer simulations.

He is the lead author of the book "Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel® Xeon Phi Coprocessors," a regular contributor to the online resource Colfax Research, an author of an invited paper in “High Performance Parallelism Pearls," and an author or co-author of more than ten peer-reviewed publications in the fields of theoretical astrophysics and scientific computing.

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