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Asaf Shelly Asaf Shelly
HPC Visionary

Asaf Shelly is a multi-disciplinary, deep technical person. Asaf started programming at the age of six with ATARI 800XL and learned discrete electronics at age 17. Asaf started working as an electronics engineer 20 years ago, working on the USB audio engine, followed by a role of a driver programmer for Checkpoint Security*, working on Windows*, Linux and Oracle® Solaris.

Around year 2000 Asaf became an independent freelancer providing services to enterprise as well as startups in multiple areas including: Electronics, Embedded, Kernel, Apps, UI, UX, Server Side, Image and Audio Algorithms, security, project management and training.

Asaf contributed to several technical books and his second technical book is nearing completion. Asaf was a Microsoft* MVP for ten years, has been an Intel® Black Belt Software Developer since 2010, a certified Windows CE trainer and certified Windows HPC trainer. He is also the owner of the largest parallel programming group on LinkedIn* called “Multicore & Parallel Programming” with more than 11,000 members.

Asaf has developed several courses about parallel programming and presented sessions in many local and global events starting at Microsoft Tech-ED year 2008. From year 2008 to 2011 Asaf led the area of Parallel Programming in Israel, taking the lead in the effort to help code go back to being parallel.

In 2012 Intel recorded with Asaf a six-chapter video series about parallel programming. Asaf also has extended experience in business development, and deep understanding of IoT. Asaf's latest sessions make 20-year forward predictions about the world of technology and its impact on everyday life.

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