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Gastón Hillar Gastón Hillar
Parallel Programming Evangelist

Gaston Hillar has been working with computers since he was eight in the early '80s. He has been working with Intel® C++ compilers and optimization tools for more than 15 years. He wrote a large number of articles and blog posts explaining how to take advantage of the newest Intel® instruction sets, technologies, compilers, optimization tools and libraries for their usage in embedded systems, Internet of Things, HPC and mobile applications.

During the last 15 years, he has helped hundreds of companies to use Intel® hardware and software to optimize algorithms to increase performance. He helped companies make the move to multiprocessor and multicore platforms. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. published his "Professional Parallel Programming with C#: Master Parallel Extensions with .NET 4" that includes the usage of Intel® libraries from C# code. In 2009, he demonstrated the usage of Intel® tools to maximize performance with Intel® Atom CPUs in different operating systems at the Intel Developer Forum, in San Francisco, California, USA. In 2010, he was a speaker at Multicore Expo and demonstrated how to maximize parallelization with the Intel® Atom family.

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Expert guidance for those programming today’s dual-core processors PCs
As PC processors explode from one or two to now eight processors, there is an urgent need for programmers to master concurrent programming. This book dives deep into the latest technologies available to programmers for creating professional parallel applications using C#, .NET 4, and Visual Studio 2010. The book covers task-based programming, coordination data structures, PLINQ, thread pools, asynchronous programming model, and more. It also teaches other parallel programming techniques, such as SIMD and vectorization.

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