'mpiexec -idb' fails to start the Intel GUI debugger correctly

Reference Number : DPD200136769

Version : Intel MPI 3.x, Intel C++ Linux compiler 11.x, Intel Fortran Linux compiler 11.x

Operating System : Linux

Problem Description : This is only an issue on Linux systems using Intel® 64 architecture-based processors.  On such systems, the IDB debugger included with the Intel C++ and Fortran 11.x compilers runs in GUI mode by default.  If you launch an MPI job under the debugger's control, for example, with 'mpiexec -idb -n number_of_processesmpi_application_name', the IDB GUI and a console will come up, but neither can effectively be used to debug the MPI application. 

A possible workaround is to rename idb, and then make idb a symbolic link the idbc, the command line IDB.
In the IDB_HOME directory (by default, the location is /opt/intel/Compiler/11.x/<version>/bin/intel64), please do:
mv idb idbgui
ln -s idbc idb

As always, be sure to set environment variable IDB_HOME to the location of the IDB binaries, and set MPIEXEC_DEBUG=1 before launching a debugging session.

Resolution Status :  This issue may be resolved in a future version of Intel IDB for Linux

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