Multi-core Programing for Academia (Spanish Version)

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Spanish Version of the Multi-core Programing for Academia Module

The material has been transferred to Spanish by Professor José Luis Elvira Valenzuela from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), Department Electronics and Computer Science in Guadalajara, Mexico. The courseware is based on the co-developped English version. José Luis Elvira Valenzuela is Professor and manager of courses related with operating systems, distributed and multi-agent systems, data structures, language processors, etc. also infrastructure engineering of the labs area. He has been recently invited by Intel Education to participate teaching Multi-Core programming to professors of universities in México.

The courseware material consists of 12 translated modules:

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  1. El reto de paralelismo y Multicore ppt 42 slides (7.6 MB)
  2. Conceptos básicos de procesamiento en procsadores Intel Multi Core ppt 25 slides (0.6MB)
  3. Parámetros del compilador Intel 9.x (Windows) ppt 41 slides (0.7MB)
  4. Introducción a VTune ppt 71 slides (2.7MB)
  5. Programación Multi-core : Conceptos básicos ppt 35 slides (2.1MB)
  6. Introducctión a los Hilos (Capítulo 5) ppt 33 slides (0.5MB)
  7. Programando con Hilos en Windows ppt 48 slides (0.6MB)
  8. Programando con Hilos en POSIX ppt 36 slides (0.4MB)
  9. Programación con OpenMP ppt 50 slides (0.6MB)
  10. Corrigiendo Erroros de Paralelizatión con Intel Thead Checker para Hilos Explícitos ppt 42 slides (1.7MB)
  11. Afinando Código Paralelo con Intel Thread Profiler para Hilos Explícitos ppt 39slides (1.6MB)
  12. Metodologías de programación paralela ppt 66 slides (3.0MB)


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