Multi-core Programming for Academia

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Platform: Intel® Core™ Duo Processor
Operating System: Windows*/Linux*
Duration: 3 days
Language: English
Audience: University faculty desiring to expand their skills and class offerings to include programming models targeted for Multi-Core processors.

Course Description

This summary of modules forms an intensive three-day course with presentations, walk-through examples, and hands-on lab exercises. It is tailored for faculty seeking to deliver the class of developing students of the programming skills required to take full advantage of Multi-core platforms.

This course provides an introduction to Intel® Multi-core Architecture and covers a complete overview of the importance of parallelism, threading concepts, multithreading methodology and programming with threads (Windows*, OpenMP*, Pthreads*). It outlines the most efficient techniques to maximize application performance using Intel® software development tools. This course also includes an overview of performance analysis for Multi-core platforms using the latest Intel® threading tools: Intel® Thread Checker and Intel® Thread Profiler.

The course covers techniques to design and implement parallel applications that will scale beyond dual-core processors to take advantage of quad-core and future multi-core platforms.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Gain an introduction to Intel Multi-Core Architecture
  • Gain an understanding of how to Develop well-optimized threaded applications and to improve application performance on Intel Multi-Core Architecture

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to Intel Multi-Core Architecture
  • Maximizing application performance with Intel Software Development Tools
  • Multi-Core Programming: Basic Concepts
  • Programming with Threads (Windows*, OpenMP*, PThreads*)
  • Threaded Programming Methodology
  • De-bugging & Tuning Threaded Applications

Day 1 Agenda:

  • 0900 - Introductions
  • 0930 - Intel® Core™ Duo Architecture
  • 1130 - Tools Foundation I: Using Intel® Compilers
  • 1200 - Lunch
  • 1300 - Tools Foundation II: Using the VTune™ Performance Analyzer
  • 1500 - Performance Library: Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • 1600 - Multi-core Programming:  Basic Concepts

Day 2 Agenda:

  • 0900 - Programming with Windows* Threads
  • 1100 - Programming with Pthreads*
  • 1200 - Lunch
  • 1300 - Programming with OpenMP*
  • 1400 - Debugging Threaded Applications: Using Intel® Thread Checker
  • 1530 - Tuning Threaded Applications: Using the Intel® Thread Profiler

Day 3 Agenda:

  • 0900 - Threaded Programming Methodology
  • 1200 - Lunch
  • 1300 - Scalability of Threaded Applications
  • 1630 - Wrap-up and Evaluation

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