New Bundle Component Customization with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems within Intel® System Studio 2015

With Intel® System Studio 2015, we can now customize the installation for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for systems 2015 Beta with the following options :-

  1. Build sampling driver
  2. Build power driver
  3. Load driver into the Kernel
  4. Reload automatically at reboot
  5. Restrict driver access

Note: - In order to customize the VTune Amplifier installation, you need to select “Customize Installation” option as shown below while installing:- (Note: these screenshots are from the Beta version but the flow is identical to the release).

Previously, users would need to build the sampling and energy profiler (power) drivers manually using the build scripts in the command line and Intel(R) System Studio installation team have now simplified these efforts for users by just selecting the above features.

What does these 5 options mean?

  1. Build sampling driver: - Building sampling driver is necessary for performing Hardware Event-based Sampling. Previously we used to follow this method to build the drivers. But now we can enable the option (“Build sampling driver”) during installation to build the sampling drivers at the installation time itself.
  2. Build power driver: - Building power driver is necessary for carrying out the Energy Profiling your applications. We used to follow the similar method as building sampling driver. But now we can enable the option (“Build power driver”) during installation to build the power drivers at the installation time itself.
  3. Load driver into the kernel: - This option should be selected to load the drivers in to the kernel. If drivers are not loaded, then Hardware Event-based Sampling (EBS) and Power Analysis will be disabled in the system.
  4. Reload automatically at reboot: - Every time we reboot our system, then the loaded sampling and power drivers would be unloaded. So in order to override this default behavior and load these 2 drivers at the boot time itself, we can check this option.
  5. Restrict driver access: - By default drivers are installed with 666 permissions and accessible to everyone on the system where you are installing. For security reasons, if you want to restrict the driver access to specific group , then you may use this option to set the permission as shown in the below picture :-

The “r” “w” and “x” are just the toggle buttons. 

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