Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.5 New Features and Enhancements

Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.5 provides many new and improved features  (see the product documentation for more details).

Automatic configuration

  • Discovery of the compute nodes in the cluster and automated group configuration based on identified hardware.
  • Path configuration for the location of tools installed by the Intel® Cluster Ready Runtimes.
  • Performance thresholds of single-node test modules using built-in heuristics.
  • If a user account named 'clck' or 'icr' exists on the system, the <user> tag is automatically populated for execution when running as a privileged user.

Optimized execution time

  • The hpcc test module now includes Intel® MPI Library tuning parameters to improve the performance figures and its default configuration was revised to run in a reduced amount of time by using a smaller problem size for the benchmark.
  • The intel_mpi_testsuite test module is now optional in order to reduce the overal execution time of the tool on several use cases. Additionally, its default behavior was changed to run a smaller subset of tests to achieve a faster check.
  • Reduced the default execution time of the imb_pingpong_intel_mpi test module.
Core enhancements

  • Every sub-test for all test modules has its own severity level which allows better understanding of the reported issues.
  • The console output report was reduced to show only relevant information when the tool is executed using the --packages option.
New test modules
  • The iwarp test module allows checking the uniformity of iWarp* network devices.

Test module enhancements

  • The intel_mpi_rt test module can now be configured to check for proper Intel® MPI Library tuning configuration and runtime usage.
  • The imb_pingpong_intel_mpi test module has new configuration options to offer full control of the benchmark execution.
  • The core_count test module checks if Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology is enabled on systems with Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series or later.
  • Pre-built binaries included in the tool were built using the latest tools and libraries to improve measured performance.
  • The openib test module can now be configured to check for configuration consistency and correctness.
  • The packages test module now allows comment lines inside package list files.
  • The dmidecode test module excludes SMBIOS/DMI entries that are known to differ.

To download the latest release, log into the Intel® Registration Center and click on the Intel® Cluster Checker product.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.