New Fortran switch allows use of abbreviated syntax to examine parent fields of an extended derived type when debugging

Examining the parent fields of an extended derived type in the gdb* or Microsoft Visual Studio* debugger currently requires that you also list the parent name.  A new internal command line switch for the Intel(R) Fortran Compiler, /switch:fe_debug_use_inherit (for Windows*) or –switch fe_debug_use_inherit (for Linux*/OS X*) has been included in Intel(R) Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 2.  Adding this switch to your debug command line will enable you to use the abbreviated syntax to examine the parent field.

                For example:

                                TYPE BASE

                                    integer Base_Counter

                                 END TYPE BASE

                                 TYPE, EXTENDS (BASE) :: Type2

                                  END TYPE TYPE2

                                  TYPE(Type2) :: Foo

It is legal Fortran to reference either Foo%Base_Counter or  Foo%base%base_counter. Without the fe_debug_use_inherit switch, you cannot use the former form within gdb or the Microsoft Visual Studio debuggers. Please note however, if you do set the fe_debug_use_inherit switch, you are unable to use the latter form within the debuggers.

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