New Intel Premier Support

Update December 26, 2013
This page is obsolete.  Please go to for information on Intel Premier Support.
Update Aug 28, 2013
To have an account in the new Intel Premier Support you must have active support for products.  For information on how to check to see if you have active support, see 
Update Aug. 26, 2013

If you are having difficulties accessing the new Intel Premier Support, please try following this link.  

Note: you may have already had an account on the new Intel Premier Support due to other business relationships with Intel Corporation.  If you are trying to log in with your old Premier Support account ID and it is failing, please use the Forgot your login ID link on the new page to request your login ID.  Once you have your old login ID, use the Forgot your password link to reset your password, if you have forgotten it.

The New Intel(R) Premier Support (IPS) is coming August 19th

We are excited to announce the launch of a new version of Intel® Premier Support that replaces the existing Intel Premier Support web site and contains many new features and an updated user interface as highlighted below.  The new tool will allow improved collaboration both internally and externally, providing more efficient issue resolution and a better end user experience for customers like you.   

Preparation Activities

  • Open Issues Transferred - All current, open issues for supported products will be transferred over to the new Intel® Premier Support system prior to the launch.
  • Closed issues have been transferred to the new Intel Premier Support web site. 
  • System Maintenance – We will require approximately 4 days of system maintenance in order to facilitate the launch.  During this time, Intel Premier Support will be unavailable for issue updates, although you will still be able to view the current status of your issues.

Expected System Maintenance

Start Time End Time
August 15th ~6:00pm PDT August 18th ~5:00 PDT


The Intel Premier Support file download area will continue to be available during this downtime.

If you have an Intel Software Development tools question, our user forums will be available.  Please visit

The launch of the new Intel® Premier Support offers many benefits

  • An updated, streamlined interface
  • Intuitive three-step issue submission process
  • Enhanced search capability
  • Unified Intel® Software Development Platform (Intel® SDP) registration URL
Accessing Closed Issues
Premier Support issues closed in the past three years are now available at the new Intel Premier Support web site.  The old Premier Support web site is no longer available.
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