New MSVC project files in IPP 6.0 sample

In Intel® IPP 6.0 sample, we add new MSVC projects for easily build in MSVC 2005/2008/2010 enviorment. They are


  • Simple_player (audio-video-codecs\application\simple_player)
  • H264_decoder (audio-video-codecs\application\umc_h264_dec_con)
  • Video_encoder (audio-video-codecs\application\umc_video_enc_con)

Image and Signal processing:

  • IppiDemo (image-processing\image-processing-functions)
  • IppiSmaple (\image-processing\image-processing-mfc)
  • IppsDemo (\signal-processing\signal-processing-functions)
  • IppsSample(signal-processing\signal-processing-mfc)

If you want to create MSVC project for other sample, you may create a new project and then include all *.h(hpp) and *.c (cpp) into the project.  And last but most important steps , to set right compiler options and linker options as the makefile provided in the sample in the Project Property Page.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.