No "Intel® C++ Project" entry in VS2008 IDE

I have installed Visual Studio 2008 and Intel® Parallel Studio XE.  How come I see "Intel® Visual Fortran project" in the "New Project" list but no "Intel® C++ Project" option?

There is no "Intel® C++ Project" entry in the VS2008 IDE.  The way it works is that the user creates a Microsoft* C++ project (e.g. Win32 Console Application, Win32 project, etc.), and then uses the Intel Compiler integration plug-in in Visual Studio to build that project with the Intel C++ compiler.  Here's how it works:

1. Create a C++ project using Visual Studio or load an existing VC++ project

2. Right click the Solution name in Visual Studio Solution Explorer, or right click on single project or a select number of projects in the solution (e.g. CTRL-Click projects of interest and then right click)

3. Click "Intel C++ Composer XE 2011" and then click  "Use Intel® C++"

After the above step if you do a "Build" or "Rebuild" the selected projects will be built using the Intel C++ Compiler.

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