How do I get an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product?

Older versions of products are available in the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center (IRC).
Here are the steps to download older version of products from the IRC:

  1. Register the serial number for your product at Intel® Registration Center. Create a support account during the process. You will receive an email containing a license file. Save this file (with a .lic file type) to disk.
  2. Login to the Intel® Registration Center by entering your Login ID and Password in the Registered Users Login section of the web page. You will see a list of all products you have subscribed.
  3. From the list of subscribed products, choose the product of interest. You will see a list of all components in the product subscription history. [NOTE:  Expired registrations are shown only if you check the "Show Expired Registrations" check box at the top of the page.] -- see image below:

  4. Choose the component of interest or click on the Download files link. You will be presented with a drop down list of release versions for the selected product. (Note: all older compiler versions are available but not all builds within a version.  Read THIS ARTICLE for which builds are provided)
  5. The next screen will give you a list of available versions, and if appropriate, updaes for the selected version. Click on the version you want - wait while the page refreshes. Then you can click on the update you want (if applicable). The page will refresh again and you will be presented with file types and names.

  6. To start download , click on the filename of the file you want to download .
  7. Start the installation of the product.  When it asks for a serial number or license information, do not enter the serial number.  Instead, select the option to use a license file and specify the .lic file you saved in step 1 above.
  8. NOTE: The Support Valid to / Expiration Status on bottom of the page, will be either in EXPIRED or in ACTIVE status. If support is in ACTIVE  status, you have a valid license to install this product. If support is in EXPIRED status, you don't have a valid license to install this package of the product you downloaded . To download the package which will work with your expired license, repeat Step 4  and  choose the package version which was posted  before the expired date for your license.
  9. Please submit an issue on the appropriate product forum if you do not find the older version you wish to get.
    Note: Some very old versions of the product are available to download on the premier support web page. Please log on to for these products. Please note that bug fixes are not made in the very old versions of the products and we recommend all our customers use the latest version of our products to take full advantage of the features available.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


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i cant enter [Intel® Registration Center ]

Tony G.'s picture

I am trying to Download Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE V10.1. When I select that, the Download Now button disappears. Is V10.1 no longer available at all?

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I never got any of steps 4 or 5 or any drop down menus