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Collaboration between 4tiitoo and Intel centers around the operating system WeTab OS, which is based on MeeGo* technology and optimized for touch-screen capable devices. True multitasking in combination with the use of common technologies such as Adobe Flash*, Java* and HTML5 provides unique capabilities to users. The company’s WeTab tablet computer, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, combines lifestyle design with powerful technology optimized for mobile use.


4tiitoo AG Announces Plans for Tizen™ Support
Shortly after the first project release of Tizen in Q1 2012, WeTab will release its version of a Tizen WeTab OS initially targeted at tablets, netbooks, and all-in-one PCs, allowing operating system based interoperability with the devices launched from partners in the Tizen project.

4tiitoo AG Receives an Investment from Intel Capital
4tiitoo AG receives an investment from Intel Capital, in conjunction with the Intel Capital Global Summit, created to invest in companies developing innovative applications for the mobile and PC ecosystem.

Upgrade of WeTab OS to MeeGo* 1.2 Planned by 4tiitoo
4tiitoo AG announced that it plans to integrate the MeeGo* 1.2 common code into WeTab OS, which is used on the WeTab tablet. The OS consists of a user experience layer built by 4tiitoo, using the MeeGo UX framework for tablets, sitting on top of the core MeeGo OS.

WeTab Aims for Active Dialogue with Community
4tiitoo presented the WeTab tablet computer at CeBIT 2011 as part of the company’s effort to maintain and strengthen an open dialogue with the community and to showcase the diversity of applications for business and leisure enabled by the computer’s open concept.

WeTab Market as First Store for MeeGo Apps is Now Globally Open for Developers
The WeTab Market application store is officially open to the public. “With MeeGo development gaining momentum, the WeTab Market gives all developers a first home for their MeeGo Apps,” says Tore Meyer, CEO of 4tiitoo AG.

4tiitoo and Metaio Show Augmented Reality at Mobile World Congress
Based on the MeeGo open-source platform, WeTab integrates virtual content into live video through its front-facing camera to display AR images, a demonstration of how digital information may be experienced in the future.


WeTab Product Brief
Overview of WeTab, WeTab OS, WeTab Apps, and WeTab Market. WeTab is a latest generation tablet PC with a touch screen, which connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi or 3G.

WeTab Datasheet
Describes product details for the WeTab.


WeTab OS
This is an overview of WeTab OS. Based on MeeGo technology, WeTab OS is a powerful yet lightweight and flexible operating system for touch screen devices.

WeTab Product Page
This is a summary of the three reasons why the WeTab, based on MeeGo technology, is simply the smartest tablet solution around.

German Language Website
This website is in German and is a summary of the three reasons why the WeTab, based on MeeGo technology, is simply the smartest tablet solution around.

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