Open Source - CollabNet

The relationship between Intel and CollabNet includes collaboration around distributing Intel’s Foundation code, an implementation of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI). CollabNet is the company behind the open-source Subversion* change management solution, and TeamForge*, an integrated platform that contains agile management, software development tools, and open-source-based collaboration tools. Intel is a CollabNet Subversion site, and CollabNet is a current investment of Intel® Capital.


CollabNet Subversion Edge Overview
Learn more about CollabNet Suberversion Edge with easy installation, administration, and security.

Open-Source in the Enterprise White Paper
CollabNet has combined open-source principles and its development tools into a unified, enterprise-ready development platform to improve collaboration between remote development sites.

CollabNet TeamForge* Data Sheet
CollabNet TeamForge is an integrated and open ALM platform for distributed teams that can generate productivity gains and slash license, administration, and computing costs.

Subversion Datasheet
Millions of users worldwide depend on CollabNet-sponsored Subversion for version control and Software Configuration Management (SCM). Ease of use and out-of-the-box support for remote teams make Subversion an excellent choice for global projects.


Striving for Collaboration
In this podcast interview with Business Trends Quarterly, Bill Portelli, CEO of CollabNet, discusses the need to implement collaborative software development environments in organizations that are geographically dispersed.


Open CollabNet Community
The goal of the community is to encourage innovation and development around the TeamForge* and Subversion* platforms, as well as to provide free workspace for software projects related to these platforms.

CollabNet TeamForge*
CollabNet TeamForge is an Application Lifecycle Management platform designed for distributed software development teams.

CollabNet Subversion*
CollabNet Subversion is an enterprise-ready distribution of Subversion that includes certified binaries, platform-specific installers, certified plugins for other tools, and enterprise-ready add-ons.

CollabNet Connector Framework
The CollabNet Connector Framework provides standard, reusable connectors between the TeamForge tracker and other trackers, as well as development tools for openCollabNet members.

CollabNet Desktops
CollabNet Desktops gives developers access to CollabNet’s platform for distributed application lifecycle management from within their preferred integrated development environment.

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