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Fonality delivers cost-effective business telephony solutions based on Voice over IP (VoIP) that take advantage of Intel’s contributions to the open-source ecosystem. The company’s solutions use the open-source Asterisk code base, including components optimized for Intel® processors to achieve higher performance and lower power consumption. Fonality has been a presenter at Intel® Developer Forum, and Intel® Capital has made strategic investments in the company.


Fonality Connect
Powerful business phone features, phones, unlimited calling, support, and low payment plans all with no contract.

Fonality Enterprise
Built on a core cloud platform supporting unified communications and call center solutions for midsized and larger enterprises. Fonality Enterprise adds the reliability, security, and the redundancy larger businesses require.

IP PBX Buying Guide: 7 Steps to Choosing the Right Phone System
This quick buyer’s checklist helps customers determine their telephony needs, including evaluating current systems and potential purchases.

VoIP without Hype – What Businesses Need to Know
This easy-to-read whitepaper helps business customers demystify VoIP.

Premise-based vs Hosted VoIP vs Hybrid-Hosted: Which Business Phone Solution is Right for You?
This report analyzes the three leading options in IP-based phone systems, outlines hardware and support requirements, and lists advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Case Studies

PBXtra Call Center Saves SunPorch $100K in Advertising Costs, Keeps Operations In-House
SunPorch, a manufacturer of ready-to-assemble sunroom kits, used PBXtra to provide call center capabilities without outsourcing.

Fonality Seals the Deal for Prudential SourceOne Realty
Prudential SourceOne Realty revamped its phone system for better communications between offices and with its customers using Fonality PBXtra.

The Value of VoIP: Century 21 Franchise Gets Results with PBXtra
With a move on the horizon, Century 21 The Castle Company, a Century 21 franchise, opted to replace its cumbersome Meridian system with Fonality’s PBXtra.

Sun Apparel and Fonality Simplify Multi-Office Communications
Sun Apparel addressed expensive logistical problems related to phone communications between multiple offices with a Fonality PBXtra phone system.

Don’t Let 12 Feet of Snow Shut You Down
When a major snowstorm hit, Fitzgibbons Agency was able to keep on working because Fonality PBXtra Call Center Edition let employees could work from home, seamlessly.

Endless Possibilities for NSOEM and Fonality
NSOEM benefited from Fonality’s PBXtra with HUD Agent, especially the flexible feature set, simple installation and administration, and unified support for a distributed workforce.

Fits Like a Glove
Online women’s clothing retailer myShape used PBXtra Call Center Edition to successfully update its phone solution, including easy deployment and quick addition of more handsets.

So What If You Aren’t the Biggest Operation Out There?
Orion Logistics, a third party logistics service provider, replaced its failing phone system with PBXtra, helping it look great to the outside world.


About Fonality
Fonality is a leading developer and marketer of cloud-based business communications and unified communications solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

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