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Extracting Business Intelligence from Big Data
The Internet is awash in massive volumes of data, much of it unstructured, much of it meaningless without analysis. Through contributions to open-source projects that span the breadth of the big-data solution stack, including Linux*, Java*, Hadoop*, HBase*, and many others, Intel is helping businesses transform big data into keen business intelligence. Intel’s work—analyzing, testing, and optimizing the performance aspects of Hadoop—has led to reference architectures, tuning guides and best practice recommendations to help you design and deploy Hadoop clusters. And, by using solid, open-source benchmarking and tuning tools, like HiBench and HiTune, you can extract maximum performance from these clusters—with less effort.

The big data revolution is underway. Join us.



Big Data, Cloud Knowledge Key in IT Jobs Market
The explosion of information worldwide and rise of cloud computing has created a pressing need for IT professionals well versed in analytics and big data.

Explosive growth expected for Hadoop*, MapReduce-related revenues: IDC
Large-scale data analysis—with Hadoop at its core—represents a bullish growth industry, predicted to reach over USD 800 million by 2016.

Making Hadoop* Part of the Enterprise Data Ecosystem
Enterprises that rely on business intelligence, analytics, performance management, and data warehousing increasingly adopt Hadoop as a solution.

Hadoop* becomes critical cog in the big data machine
As more and more companies use Hadoop to handle big data, anticipation for the forthcoming Version 2.0 grows.

NASA Talks About Big Data, Hadoop*
Fresh from the Hadoop Summit 2012, NASA scientist Chris Mattmann discussed some of the upcoming applications of big data and how they correspond with business challenges.


Optimizing Java* and Apache Hadoop* for Intel® Architecture
Systems administrators can increase Apache Hadoop cluster performance by using existing Intel technologies, such as Intel® Solid State Drives and Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit Server Adapters. Yet because Apache Hadoop is built on Java, one of the most effective ways to increase performance is to optimize Java itself to take advantage of Intel architecture enhancements.

Big Data Technologies for Near-Real-Time Results
Learn how balancing workloads and infrastructure compute resources using the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software yields impressive performance, dramatic cost savings, and better efficiency.

Big Data Solution Brief
Discover how to squeeze the maximum performance out of your Hadoop clusters—with minimum complexity. Find out how Intel, together with the open-source community and big data ecosystem, is helping forward-looking businesses to harness big data to make smarter business decisions.

Managing Complex Computing Environments: Open Source on Intel Architecture Makes Supercomputing Accessible
PSSC Labs combines high performance, Linux components with proven Intel Xeon processor-based platforms to create competitive solutions for the top tiers of HPC computing requirements.

Are You Ready for Big Data?
Big data can make your business smarter, faster, and more competitive, as explained in this solution brief.

Getting Started with Hadoop*: Planning Guide
This practical guide for IT managers provides information for planning and implementing big data analytics projects.

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide to Apache Hadoop*
This guide describes a reference architecture for implementing a cloud computing infrastructure and provides information on planning and deployment.

HiBench: A Representative and Comprehensive Hadoop* Benchmark Suite
A combination of synthetic micro-benchmarks and real-world applications, this benchmark suite provides a means to quantitatively evaluate and characterize a Hadoop deployment.

HiTune: Dataflow-Based Performance Analysis for Big Data Cloud
This technical paper provides a general approach for analyzing the performance of Big Data Cloud deployments using HiTune, a Hadoop* performance analyzer.

Big data: Harnessing a game-changing asset
From the Economist Intelligence Unit, this report explores data management issues and offers examples of how companies are exploiting the intelligence extracted from big data.

Fortune 1000 customer deepens, speeds analysis of big data with SoftNet’s turnkey solution
Advanced data analytics from SoftNet running Hadoop* on an Intel® architecture platform provides massive scale handling of big data workloads.

Roadmap for Transforming Intel’s Business with Advanced Analytic
Using business intelligence effectively can improve insight, decision-making, and business velocity.

Optimizing Hadoop* Deployments
Best practices for implementing Hadoop environments including designing a solution stack for high productivity while simultaneously addressing energy efficiency and total cost of ownership.


The Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* Software
Ride the Big Data wave with the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*, the only Hadoop distro engineered from the silicon up to make sure you get the most out of your hardware.

Smart Energy Analytics: Pecan Street Uses the Intel Distribution
Learn how the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) uses the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop to collect, analyze, and visualize billions of rows of data with the Pecan Street Project in Austin Texas.

Big Data 101: How Big Data Makes Big Impacts
This video introduces big data and offers insights as to how companies can gain competitive advantages and business intelligence from analytics.

Pecan Street Inc. Advances Smart Grid Technology using Intel-based Servers
By analyzing massive amounts of data from buildings in Austin, Texas, Pecan Street Inc. offers insights into how to best taid tke advantage of smart grechnology as they explore using Hadoop* to scale their approach.

Mine Gold from Sentiment Analysis
Running Apache Hadoop* on Intel® servers makes it possible to cost effectively mine valuable sentiment analysis data from social networks.

Hadoop* Webinar: A Guide to Building Cost-Effective 10GBASE-T
In this Webinar, Arista’s Mark Berly and Intel’s Matt Eszenyi discuss Hadoop advantages, emphasizing compute-network-storage balance in big data deployments.

Genome Data Analysis Drives Science Forward
Thanks to Apache Hadoop* running on Intel® Xeon® processors, the cost of performing genome sequencing data analysis has dropped dramatically.

Stop-motion video clip of the building of Analytics Workbench
Short stop-action video depicting the building of the 1000-node Apache Hadoop* cluster by EMC Greenplum.

Videoinfograph on Intel and Big Data
Through statistics and examples, this video surveys the impact of big data on business.


Big Data Analytics Stories: Consumer Energy Management
Pecan Streets uses data-driven analytics to empower consumers.

Intel IT Center: Big Data Intelligence Begins with Intel
Learn how big data analytics delivers fresh insights.

Big Data, Big Vision, Small Budget: Cloud Computing at Clemson
IT’s choices balance visions of data-driven computing and the reality of shrinking budgets.

How Facebook keeps 100 petabytes of Hadoop* data online
The secret to Facebook’s quick access to massive volumes of data lies in AvatarNode, a two-node, high-availability framework to replace Hadoop’s NameNode service.

Dreaming of Building a 1000 node Hadoop* Cluster?
Partnering with Intel, EMC recently went live with a 1000-node Hadoop Cluster, dubbed Analytics Workbench, featuring 2,000 Intel Xeon processors.

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