Open Source - TurboLinux

As a provider of Linux* operating systems localized for use in China, TurboLinux collaborates with Intel to be early to market with support for the latest Intel® platform features. The TurboLinux business model includes integration of its operating system with software offerings from established industry leaders, including IBM, Oracle, and Computer Associates. Since many of these companies have deep co-engineering ties to Intel, TurboLinux products are well positioned to benefit from the broad Intel ecosystem.


GreatTurbo Enterprise Server 11.3 White Paper (Chinese)
This document is a comprehensive technical one that provides an overall understanding of GreatTurbo Enterprise Server 11.3 as well as technical details, including compatibility, stability, security, multiple levels of services, etc.

GreatTurbo Enterprise Server 11.3 Technical Requirements (Chinese)
This document indicates the technical environment requirements that GreatTurbo Enterprise Server 11.3 runs. So you can easily judge if your environment suits it.

GreatTurbo* Enterprise Server 10 for HPC (Chinese)
Optimized specifically for the requirements of high-performance computing, GreatTurbo Enterprise Server 10 for HPC provides a highly efficient, reliable, and scalable system platform.

Turbolinux Mobile System* (Chinese)
Turbolinux Mobile System* is optimized for rich Internet and multimedia experiences on Intel Atom processor based devices.

Case Studies

Xi’an Housing Accumulation Fund Management Information System Project (Chinese)
Turbolinux solutions helped a public housing administration organization in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province of Northwest China, successfully upgrade aging computing systems, building efficiency.

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