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Embedded Linux* has demonstrated value as an extremely versatile, cost-effective solution that powers everything from consumer electronics and networking devices to retail point-of-sale and industrial applications. That very breadth, however, creates a diversity of business needs that leads embedded solution developers to build customized Linux distributions to meet their specific requirements, and has resulted in a highly fragmented embedded Linux world.

The Yocto Project, a collaborative open-source project hosted by the Linux Foundation, offers a central hub of templates, tools, and methods that streamline custom Linux development and ease the effects of fragmentation in the embedded Linux market. Involvement by commercial and open-source ecosystem members, including silicon vendors, OS vendors, consultants, and embedded developers fosters innovation across architectures and device types. As a founding project member, Intel provides key contributions to the Yocto Project kernel, helps foster standards-compliant advances in the project as a whole, and ensures excellent performance and compatibility with Intel® architecture.



Intel Yocto Project Innovation Challenge - Calling All Embedded Developers
Prototyping a new embedded design, delivering a cool new embedded device to market, or simply have an idea for a novel embedded application? If you’re using—or plan to use—the Yocto Project to make your magic happen, we want to hear from you!
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Yocto Project Release 1.1 Introduces New Features
The Linux Foundation-hosted Yocto Project fosters growing community of embedded Linux developers, technologies and products.



Guarding Vigilantly Against Disaster with Fast, Cost-Effective Embedded Linux* Development
Indonesia-based Hydrosix provides environmental monitoring solutions based on embedded Linux* that enable early flood detection. Using the Yocto Project to streamline development reduced time and production costs, and helped optimize solution flexibility and performance.

Rapid Embedded Linux Development for a Competitive Advantage
QNAP Systems dramatically optimized its time to market and development costs through adoption of the Yocto Project for its custom versions of embedded Linux on Intel Core processors.

Accelerating Innovation for Embedded Automation: From Concept to Product
Creating a customized, embedded Linux application used to be a tedious, time-consuming process. With the Yocto Project, ADI discovered a streamlined development environment in which to build a sophisticated energy-monitoring device for Infergence in just three months.

In The Architecture of Open Source Applications, the authors of four dozen open-source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program's major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development? In answering these questions, the contributors to these books provide unique insights into how they think. Check out volume II, and the Yocto Project* chapter written by Elizabeth Flanagan of Intel's Open Source Technology Center.

Yocto Project* Solution Brief
The Yocto Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation, provides templates, tools, and methods to streamline custom embedded Linux development. As one of many key participants, Intel works to advance the mission of the Yocto Project.

Yocto Project* Poster
What is the Yocto Project, and when do you use it? Why not start with a specific distribution? Get the answers to these questions, and much more, in this poster.



Yocto Project Release 1.1
Yocto Project Community Manager, Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, talks about Yocto Project Release 1.1.

About the Yocto Project
Learn more about the Yocto Project and how it can help you develop embedded systems more quickly and easily.









The Yocto Project: New Possibilities for Intelligent Embedded Systems?
The approach of the Yocto Project is a bit different from the traditional approaches in the Linux world. The Yocto Project is not the end game for a hardware platform, but a means to achieve the end game objectives.

Yocto Project
Home of the Yocto Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Yocto Project Blog
Exchange thoughts and ideas in the project blog.


Intel's Yocto Project Blog
Visit this blog to hear how Intel software engineers and others are actively contributing to the Yocto Project.















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