OpenCL™ Runtime - Release Notes

This page provides the Release Notes for the OpenCL™ Runtime for Intel® Core™, Intel® Xeon® processors, and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required.

To get product updates, go to the OpenCL™ Drivers and Runtimes for Intel® Architecture.

To get a set of tools and features for OpenCL application development, visit the OpenCL Code Builder page.

For questions or technical support, visit the support forum.

NOTE: For Intel Xeon® Phi™ coprocessor device support, you must install Intel MPSS version 3.3 available here.

OpenCL™ Runtime

What's New? Release Notes

What's new? OpenCL™ Runtime 15.1 (CPU only)

OpenCL™ Runtime 15.1 (CPU only) Release Notes

What's new? OpenCL™ Runtime 14.2

OpenCL™ Runtime 14.2 Release Notes

What's new? OpenCL™ Runtime 14.1

OpenCL™ Runtime 14.1 Release Notes

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