OpenMP* 4.0 Features in Intel Compiler 15.0

Intel® C++ Compiler 15.0 and Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 support the OpenMP* 4.0 standard, with the exception of user-defined reductions. Refer to the compiler documentation (C++ | Fortran) for more information.

Intel C++ Compiler 15.0 and Intel Fortran Compiler 15.0 adds support for several OpenMP* 4.0 features and directives as defined by the OpenMP* 4.0 specification:

Syntax: #pragma omp cancel (C++),  !$omp cancel (Fortran)
Description: The CANCEL construct requests cancellation of the innermost enclosing parallel region.

Syntax: #pragma omp cancellation point (C++),  !$omp cancellation point (Fortran)
Description: The CANCELLATION POINT construct defines a point at which implicit or explicit tasks check to see if cancellation has been requested.

DEPEND clause for use with the TASK construct
Syntax: #pragma omp task depend (C++),  !$omp task depend (Fortran)
Description: The DEPEND clause enforces additional constraints on the scheduling of a task by enabling dependences between sibling tasks in the task region.

Combined Constructs
Syntax: #pragma omp teams distribute (C++),  !$omp teams distribute (Fortran)
Description: The use of combined constructs as shortcuts to indicate nesting. The syntax above is just one example. Please refer to the OpenMP 4.0 specification for details.

WORKSHARE (Fortran only)
OpenMP* WORKSHARE constructs now parallelize with Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0.


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