OpenMP static library removal in Intel® MKL on Microsoft Windows*

The static OpenMP runtime library has been deprecated. In particular, the static OpenMP library (libiomp5mt.lib) will no longer be available on Windows*. The figure below shows the file to be removed from a Windows* installation of Intel® Parallel Studio XE.


Linking statically to the OpenMP threading runtime leads to problems when other use of the library conflicts. This happens most in applications that use multiple libraries or plug-ins each of which might statically link Intel® MKL. Because of the involved performance problems and even crashes in some cases, we’ve long given strong encouragement to link this threading runtime dynamically-which would include linking the static import lib for the threading runtime DLL. 

If you have any concerns then please leave your comments at the end of this article, or discuss this on the Intel® MKL Forum.

For advice on how to properly link Intel® MKL, including dynamic linking of OpenMP, please see Intel® Math Kernel Library Link Line Advisor.

Note: We’ll still have static MKL libraries-we’ll only be removing the static OpenMP runtime.

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