Parallel Studio Getting Started Demo Video

This is a 10 minute screen capture video showing how to get started with Intel® Parallel Studio.  It will show you how to find beneficial locations to thread, parallelize, inspect, and tune the NQueens-ParallelStudio sample application. Turn your sound on and get started!

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David Paull's picture

The audio in this video must be redone. The audio is so loud it is clipping, and sounds horrible.

anonymous's picture

All of a sudden the lady started screaming at me!

Wise Chen (Intel)'s picture

Correct: how to get the necessary codes? not codec.


Wise Chen (Intel)'s picture

Our customer can't play this video due to missing some codec.
His quesiotn is:
Could you please tell me where should I get the necessary codes to follow the following video:
I checked the downloaded directory for this codes. What I got are nqueen code with Microsoft Foundation Class.


Baltazaar's picture

Hmm... If you use Visual Studio 2008 SP1, you need to convert the file to VS9 format, then rebuild, before you switch to the Intel C++ Compiler option, or you'll be missing the windows.h header file.

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