Parallelism Content Awards

Congratulations to the Data Structures Microgrant Recipients! Their materials are currently under production but will be shared on the Educational Exchange as soon as they're available.

Dale+Parson+cut.jpgMultithreaded Data Structures for Minimal Locking Exploration of Search Spaces - USD $5000 Microgrant
Dr. Dale Parson, Kutztown University of PA

Dr. Parson plans to integrate material from his Algorithms and Data Structures for Multiprocessing course into a special topics course in Multiprocessing and subsequent related courses. He will expand the material to C++0X and generalize the minimal-locking search algorithm. Materials from his courses will be published for reuse on the Academic Educational Exchange.

A Structure A Month Keeps Parallelism Alive - USD $ 3000 Microgrant
Dr. Leo Ferres, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile

Over the next five months, Dr. Ferres will be creating original material, including exercises, for five data structures. He will use the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab to test these data structures and expand the data available in the documents. More information on this project will be coming soon.

Data Structures - USD $1000 Microgrant
Dr. Kishore Kothapalli, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India

Dr. Kishore will be including OpenMP programs in his upcoming assignments (in addition to the regular C programs). He will use the resulting materials to create a much tighter integration of parallel thinking and data structures in his award winning courses.

Thread safe data structure - USD $1000 Microgrant
Dr. Dinesh Kulkarni, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India

Dr. Kulkarni will be teaching a new course aimed at teaching the inherent problem in concurrent data structures and techniques of building scalable data structures while maintaining the requisite semantics in multi-threaded environment. He will also be addressing the strategies to decide when to use which concurrent data structures.

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For more information on Data Structures topics, please see the ACM 2008's recommended curricula.


Upon completion all materials will be posted to the community Educational Exchange.


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