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Insights: 2010 Wrap Up and a Look Ahead for 2011

By Richard Altmaier
Director of Marketing
Intel Cluster Ready
In 2010 the Intel Cluster Ready program focused on actions to translate technology to business results. We see significant growth potential from adding or expanding cluster solutions to HPC users now on workstations-but workstation users take a great risk in such an expansion. Our program sought to make it a prudent business step by encouraging our ISV partners to:

  • Clearly show the benefits their software provides running on an HPC cluster-runtimes, model complexity, parametric studies, and so forth
  • Speak to their user communities through events and convey these benefits
  • Use the Intel Cluster Ready program to make it easy for users to select cluster providers
  • Do joint marketing with cluster providers to present a common message to users, so users don’t need to see themselves as the integrators of software and hardware!
We created the Intel Cluster Ready Partner Program as a framework for OEMs and Platform Integrators to come together in go-to-market planning without incurring software customization costs. With applications registered on Intel Cluster Ready and OEMs supplying certified Intel Cluster Ready configurations, customers can be confident their software will “just work.”

We created opportunities for OEMs to present at software events, with the ISV and OEM presenting joint literature. This is a critical output, with users watching for collaboration of their suppliers to justify a cluster expansion.

Going into the new year, we are determined to find additional ways to build confidence in prospective cluster purchasers to take the business risk and expand further into HPC clusters. We welcome your input and look forward to working together toward this goal.

Thank you for your support. The Intel Cluster Ready program succeeds only when and after you succeed.




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