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Leading the Charge Toward Next-Generation HPC

A Dozen Intel Cluster Ready Partners to Watch

A key goal of Intel Cluster Ready is to provide a foundation for collaborative innovation that helps move the HPC industry forward by providing better and more varied customer solutions-and it’s working. Independent hardware and software vendors are delivering new capabilities and higher value throughout the HPC solution stack, improving performance, scalability, and reliability, while reducing total costs and simplifying the end-user experience. Read on for a brief look at some of the Intel Cluster Ready partners who are delivering key innovations.

  • Platform Computing released its Platform HPC 3 management solution in May, making it easier for non-technical users to deploy and manage Intel® Cluster Ready systems. By providing comprehensive, unified cluster and workload management capabilities in a single, easy-to-use product it eliminates the complexity of integrating, testing, and using multiple tools.
  • Viglen is expanding the market for Intel Cluster Ready systems by delivering certified, enterprise-class HPC resources that help universities stay at the cutting-edge of academic research. Recent cluster deployments for Lancaster University and the University of East Anglia showcase the ease of deploying new, state-of-the-art clusters, and the value they deliver to research teams. (Look for an upcoming success story from Viglen and Intel Cluster Ready.)
  • Bright Computing is making sure Intel Cluster Ready certified systems can take advantage of the latest technologies and management capabilities with the launch of Bright Cluster Manager® release 5.2, which includes full support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 (RHEL 6.1), optimizations for next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors (based on Intel® Microarchitecture codenamed Sandy Bridge), and a number of other new features.
  • ClusterVision is taking a direct approach to conveying the benefits of Intel Cluster Ready certified systems to its customers by incorporating Intel Cluster Ready training into its annual sales meeting. The strategy has already delivered new sales. Look for an upcoming ClusterVision success story focused on Ceres Power, a leading alternative energy company based in the UK.
  • E4 Computer Engineering is taking advantage of Intel Cluster Ready to address an exceptionally wide range of customer requirements on a single cluster architecture. With the company’s new system E-Cluster 7225, entry-level customers can begin with a cluster that has just a single head node and four computing nodes. Customers with more demanding workloads can scale the system up to hundreds of nodes, while maintaining Intel Cluster Ready certification.
  • ICON is leveraging the Intel Cluster Ready program to boost sales for FOAMpro, its open source solving and meshing software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). FOAMpro is registered for out-of-the-box use on Intel Cluster Ready systems, and the ensured interoperability across multiple cluster vendors is helping the UK company gain traction as it expands its operations into the U.S. ICON is currently working with the Intel Cluster Ready team to register the recently released FOAMpro 2.0.
  • Silicon Mechanics streamlines the buying experience for HPC customers with an online cluster configuration tool that lets end-users specify and purchase a turnkey Intel Cluster Ready certified system in a matter of minutes. Additional Intel Cluster Ready certified products from Silicon Mechanics are on the way. You’ll be able to preview one of them running CFD software from Flow Science at SC11 (booth #3023).
  • Flow Science is in the process of registering its next-generation CFD program, FLOW-3D/MP v4.2, so it can be deployed reliably out-of-the-box on any Intel Cluster Ready certified system. This powerful software is a hybrid version (using both OpenMP and MPI) of FLOW-3D, the company’s popular CFD and heat transfer program. You can see it in action at SC11, in a joint demonstration by Flow Science, Intel, and Silicon Mechanics.
  • Fujitsu will add a new Intel Cluster Ready certified blade server solution to its product lineup in the near future to extend its current Intel Cluster Ready certified rack server offerings. Fujitsu has demonstrated a strong commitment to Intel Cluster Ready, integrating support across its HPC development and sales cycle, from product management through production, deployment, support, maintenance, ISV relationships, and co-marketing materials.
  • Altair’s PBS Works* is working with Intel Cluster Ready to implement the Intel® Cluster Checker tool into PBS Professional*, a commercial-grade HPC workload management and job scheduling solution. This will provide administrators with a scheduling system that adapts to changes in the environment to ensure that jobs run only on 'good nodes.' The new solution is scheduled for release within the next few months.
  • transtec is promoting Intel Cluster Ready to a broad audience of HPC users and developers by dedicating a full chapter of its “High Performance Computing 2011/2012 Technology Compass” to outlining the program and the value it delivers. The book presents HPC developers and users with valuable insights into critical new trends and technologies and presents Intel Cluster Ready as "A Quality Standard for HPC Clusters" and a foundation for building HPC momentum in the marketplace.
  • NOVATTE is extending the reach of Intel Cluster Ready across the Asia-Pacific region, with certified Admin Friendly supercomputing clusters that are delivered as turnkey solutions for mid-market customers in the enterprise, government, and education sectors. With Intel Cluster Ready certification, NOVATTE is making these clusters even easier to deploy and support, while ensuring that customers enjoy the best possible performance and reliability.

(For a complete list of members and their offerings, visit the Intel Cluster Ready vendor directory.)

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