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Partner Highlights
Eurotech Eyes Petascale Computing with Intel® Cluster Ready

Eurotech has been a leading provider of special-purpose computing platforms and computer clusters for over a decade. Now, it has launched its first commercial HPC system and based it on the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture. The innovative Aurora* platform, which Eurotech developed with Europe’s AuroraScience Collaboration, is a green system that combines the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series with liquid cooling, thermal energy reuse, noiseless operation, no moving parts, high density, and both InfiniBand* and an FPGA-driven 3D Torus networks.

Intel Cluster Ready certification is giving Eurotech a boost as it targets industrial HPC customers. “Using the Intel Cluster Ready architecture is an excellent way to reassure potential industrial customers that deployment and maintenance can be kept easy, and that the system will run the largest set of COTS applications,” says Giovanbattista Mattiussi, Marketing Manager of Eurotech’s HPC Division. “After gaining the certification, we feel more confident in proposing the system to a larger pool of prospects, knowing it will help them save time and keep the focus on the bottom line.”

Mattiussi says the system’s status as a certified cluster will help more businesses take advantage of petascale and eventually exascale computing resources. “Industry customers are as prone to hassle-free HPC as universities typically are on twisting and turning their supercomputers inside out,” he comments. “Intel Cluster Ready certification, for a vendor like us, is a powerful means to smooth the approach to customers that may be worried about software compatibility and system deployment issues, because of their lack of experience dealing with such big machines.”

Learn more about the innovative Aurora platform from Eurotech and the AuroraScience Collaboration.

Three New Partners Join Intel® Cluster Ready Program

The Intel Cluster Ready community shows its global reach with the addition of three new partners:
    En Pointe Technologies is a North America IT solutions provider and an experienced Intel Channel value-added reseller (VAR). It was founded in 1993 and supplies IT products and services to medium and large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profits across the US. Learn about En Pointe Technologies.

    Engineering Simulation Scientific Software (ESSS) is based in Brazil and has served engineering customers in Latin America ISV reselling Ansys’ Intel Cluster Ready registered software. ESSS also has its own portfolio of scientific software, and is developing plans to register those solutions.Read more about ESSS.

    is a leading Russian HPC integrator and developer. It is a collaborator with Eurotech on the Aurora supercomputer and is specifically interested in using the Intel® Cluster Checker tool in a testing environment. Learn about RSC SKIF.
      NEC Highlights University of Erlangen in New Case

      Bavaria’s second-largest state university has installed the largest certified Intel Cluster Ready cluster to date. It’s a 500-node NEC cluster that uses the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series and Intel Cluster Ready architecture to provide the university’s researchers with a more powerful and flexible computing environment.
      Read the full case study.

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