Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q3 2013 - Partner Highlights

COMSOL Offers New Power and Simplicity for Simulations

New Intel® Cluster Ready partner COMSOL is delivering innovative capabilities into the simulation market. COMSOL Multiphysics* lets users combine multiple physical models—structural mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetic fields, fluid flow, heat transfer, and more—to create more realistic and accurate simulations based on all relevant physical processes. A recent innovation allows users to run Multiphysics on a standard Windows* workstation backed by a Linux* cluster. From a user perspective, the complexity of the cluster is completely masked. Users get the fast time to results that only a cluster can provide, but they don’t need to know anything about clusters or the Linux operating system. See the COMSOL and Fujitsu ISC’13 demo. For more information, go to

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transtec Showcases Fast, Remote Cluster Certification

In a demonstration at ISC’ 13, transtec, in partnership with Bayer, showed how a 28-node cluster could be certified remotely in just 11 minutes using the latest version of Intel® Cluster Checker software. Many vendors and customers also use this tool to verify hardware and software configurations and to test and validate overall cluster health and performance, so this level of speed and simplicity is valuable throughout the life of the cluster.

For more news about ISC’ 13, read: The Power of Simplicity—Intel at ISC’ 13

Change the Game: Best Practices in Deploying and Managing HPC Clusters with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors

In this webinar, NCAR will discuss the work planned for Yellowstone, one of the largest x86-based systems in North America and their selection criteria and best practices in deploying the system. Learn about the Intel® Many Integrated Cores (MIC) architecture and how Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors can dramatically boost aggregate performance for highly-parallel applications. Hear about IBM* System x integrated solutions and the latest IBM* Platform Computing* approach to managing distributed workloads across platforms.

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