Partner Newsletter Q4 2010 - Intel® Cluster Ready

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Feature Stories

SC10 Plans? Don't Miss the Partner Appreciation Breakfast and More
Award Gearing up for SC10? So is the Intel® Cluster Ready team – we’ll be there in force to highlight your achievements, build your success, and share the latest news. Be there for the Partner Appreciation Breakfast on November 15. Don’t miss this enjoyable event! There’s still time to RSVP. Register now!

Catch us in Booths 2813 and 4517.
Read more about these and other highlights.

Tips & Tricks

Intel software engineer Andres More shows you how to make the most of key new capabilities in Intel Cluster Checker 1.6 for Linux. Learn about new features designed to improve performance and improve the user experience – including features for regular (non privileged) users. Read more.
Partner Highlights
Landmark and Appro Simplify Seismic Validation
Oil and gas leaders are taking notice as Landmark brings its new Seismic Coverage Validation Engine solution to an Intel Cluster Ready certified cluster from Appro. The solution helps geoscientists design 3D seismic surveys for complex subsurface environments. Learn more.

ANSYS Virtual Seminar: Boost Your Productivity with HPC
Intel Cluster Ready partners, ANSYS and Appro, team up in a webinar that shows how to simulate, analyze, and visualize models faster with HPC and how Intel Cluster Ready helps to ease the traditional pain points of high performance clusters.
Read Brock Taylor's blog for more.
View the recorded webinar. "Available soon."
Intel® Cluster Ready News
New Release: Intel® Cluster Checker 1.6 is Available Now
Intel® Cluster Checker, the go-to tool for verifying your clusters’ configuration and performance, is more powerful than ever. Learn about new features to enhance performance and improve the user experience – including features for regular (non privileged) users. Read the full article.

See What’s New with Intel® Cluster Tools
With new Intel® Cluster Tools bundles, soon to be released, it’s easier than ever to develop customized clusters that take the next step in performance and scalability. The new Cluster Toolkit offers updates to the latest Intel® Tools, bundled in a single easy-to-install package. Check it out.
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