Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q4 2012 - Partner Highlights

Colfax ClusterEdge Try & Buy

Colfax International recently showcased the latest generation of Colfax ClusterEdge, a ready-to-go high-performance computing (HPC) cluster. Based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5 product family, and Intel® Cluster Ready certified, the Colfax HPC cluster helps simulate, analyze and visualize more complex, data-intensive models faster. Designed in partnership with Intel and Altair, the Colfax HPC Clusters are delivered ready to run Altair’s HyperWorks solver applications RADIOSS, OptiStruct and AcuSolve, as well as PBS Professional.

Colfax is offering a special try-and-buy opportunity to test drive their newest Intel Cluster Ready cluster. Simulate your models on a ClusterEdge HPC cluster for free—no obligations or strings attached. Find out how HPC cluster computing can help you accomplish more in less time—or supplement existing cluster resources.

Take a test drive.

Look For Intel® Cluster Ready

When you see the Intel Cluster Ready name, you can be assured the cluster solution complies with the Intel Cluster Ready specification and has passed the tests of the Intel® Cluster Checker.

For more information read the Intel® Cluster Ready Usage Guidelines.

Look for Intel Cluster Ready solution vendors.

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