Partnering with Intel - What's changed

Partnering with Intel – What's changed.

As part of the many improvements we are making to Intel Developer Zone, we have decided to simplify the partner experience here at Intel. Moving forward, we shall be streamlining our registration process, removing the points system and replacing it with 3 different types of groups:

Premier Elite Partners

Partners who have been individually selected by an account manager to work on enablement and marketing initiatives.

Premier Partner

Partners who have provided their company and software information.

Intel® DZ members

Registered members of the Intel DZ website.


What does this mean for previous Premier Elite partners with no account manager?
Your partner status will be changed to 'Premier'.

What does this mean for previous registered only partners who have a software and company profile?
Your partner status will be changed to 'Premier'.

How can I achieve Premier Elite status?
Becoming a Premier Elite partner will now be by invitation only but we are always looking for new and exciting companies and apps so fill out your software and company profile today and maybe we'll give you a call.

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