Build and run Intel® IPP samples

This document explains how to run Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) samples. Here we take the example of simple media player application, which uses Intel IPP signal processing, image processing, audiovideo coding functions and Unified Media Classes (UMC) to implement a multi-format video player.

Please download the simple media player sample code from here Audio and Video coding samples.

System requirements

Hardware requirements:
  • A system based on a Intel® Pentium® processor, Intel® Xeon® processor, or subsequent IA-32 processor
  • A system based on a Intel® Itanium® 2 processor
  • A system based on a Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T)

Software requirements:

  • Intel® IPP for Windows*
  • Microsoft* Windows* Vista, Microsoft* Windows* XP or Microsoft* Windows* 2003 Server.
  • Microsoft* DirectX*: 9.0 SDK Update (February 2005) or SDK (December 2005)
  • Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows*: version 11.1 or 12.0
  • Intel® Parallel Composer 2009 or 2011
  • When building for a Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel® EM64T, the Microsoft* EM64T Platform SDK is required.
  • When building for a Intel® Itanium® 2 processor, the Microsoft* Platform SDK for Windows* Server 2003 SP1 is required


  • Set up your build environment by creating an environment variable named IPPROOT that points to the root directory of your Intel IPP installation. For example: C:\Program Files\Intel\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\ipp
  • To build all samples including this one change your current folder to the root media samples folder and use batch file from the list below. By default batch file searches the compilers step by step according the table below (assuming that compiler should be installed in default directory). If you wish to use Intel® C/C++ compilers or Microsoft* C/C++.NET* 2005 compiler set a option according table below for batch file.
Intel® C++ Compiler 9.1 for Windows*icl91 (default)
Intel® C++ Compiler 10.0 for Windows*icl10
Intel® C++ Compiler 9 for Windows*icl9
Microsoft* Visual C++*.NET* 2005cl8
Microsoft* Visual C++*.NET* 2003cl7
use build32.bat [option] for IA-32 based systems
use build64.bat [option] for Itanium based systems
use buildem64t.bat [option] for Intel® Xeon® processors with Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T)


After the successful build, the executable file will be placed in media samples ipp-samplesaudio-video-codecs\_bin<platform> directory.

  • Running software: Applications will be built under the _bin/{arch} directory, Please read readme.htm under each application directory for instructions and command line options.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


arafath h.'s picture

Hello I have installed ipp and build ipp-samples 8 successfully..........How can I run the example programs in the usc manual for decoding rtp h729 packet .........I have compiled suuceesfully but run in segmentation fault error

anonymous's picture

i installed ipp and ipp-sample in Redhat-5 linux. to set IPPROOT environment i run export INCLUDE=$IPPROOT/include:$INCLUDE and export LIB=$IPPROOT/lib:$LIB command and my installation path is "/opt/intel" for ipp and "/opt/intel/ipp-sample" for ipp-sample but still sample is build successfully the fowlling ERROR comes if i run "./ gcc4" command
|Test : audio-video-codecs build Tue Apr 10 03:49:56 PM 2012
|Hostname : localhost.localdomain
|Function : no
|Description : building audio-video-codecs sample
|Class : Information
|Source : /opt/intel/ipp-samples/audio-video-codecs
|Executable :
Found compiler gcc4 ( gcc4 ) is /usr
Compiler environment is loaded
OpenMP support for this compiler: YES
ERROR: ***************************************************************************
ERROR: Intel(R) IPP 6.1 is not detected in your system.
ERROR: Please install Intel(R) IPP or set IPPROOT environment variable correctly
ERROR: ***************************************************************************

|-FAILED audio-video-codecs Tue Apr 10 03:49:57 PM 2012

Plz help..

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I want to know how to use the H.264 encoder and decoder functions. Finding it hard to know how to run the software. kindly help.

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