Performance Tools for Software Developers - Intel® compiler's dependency on /usr/lib/

Product improvements in the Intel® C++ and Fortran 10.x compilers for Linux*, and continued with the 11.x releases, require linkage to a Standard C++ library on *all* IA-32, Intel® 64, and IA-64 processor-based Linux systems. Intel® 10.x and 11.x compilers are linked to the /usr/lib/ library by design to permit use of the Intel 10.x and 11.x compilers on GCC* 3.2-based Linux distributions.

Many Linux distributions available today are GCC* 3.4-based and thus by default provide the newer Standard C++ library, /usr/lib/ Therefore, installation and use of the Intel C++ and Fortran 10.x and 11.x compilers for Linux on GCC 3.4-based Linux distributions may require explicit user action to install the Standard C++ library compatibility RPM, compat-libstdc++, that provides the required /usr/lib/ library.

Please refer to your Linux distribution's installation materials for details on the compat-libstdc++ RPM and installing specific RPMs.

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