License servers for SGI Altix* systems


Must anything special be done to run the Intel license server on an SGI Altix system?
Yes. The standard MAC address used for the hostid in the software key (license file) does not work on Altix* and Prism* systems. Refer to the page†  for a description of how software keys work in a partitioned environment (note that this page applies to Origin* systems, not Altix systems, but it does provide a good explanation of the concept).

There are two steps required to resolve the problem:

  1. Run lmhostid in the same partition in which the Intel license server resides, as in the two commands:
    cd /opt/intel/flexlm
  2. Submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, providing the serial number of the license file, the results of running lmhostid, an indicator of whether this is a floating license or a nodelocked license, and request that a new license be generated for the new hostid.

Be sure to specify that this is for an Altix system by selecting SGI - Linux* for Altix in the Linux Operating System drop-down list. The Intel® Compiler Support team will generate a new license and send it back.


What is the name of the download for a license server to run on an SGI Altix system?


How do you configure a nodelocked license to run on an SGI Altix system running ProPack 3?
The server ID must be configured as described above, namely by using the hostid from running lmhostid in the partition with the Intel license server. For versions of the Intel Compilers prior to 8.1, the client system information is based on the original MAC address information, even if the server and client are the same system. For 8.1 and after, the client information matches the server information.

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