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If you own an Intel® software product and would like to submit an issue or technical question, but do not have an Intel® Premier Support (IPS) account or are unable to log onto your support account, the following solutions may help.

I registered my product and set up an Intel® Premier Support account, but forgot my login ID or password.

  1. Go to Intel® Registration Center.
  2. Click on the Forgot Login ID link or the Forgot Password link just below the "Login to My Account" button on the lower right side of the screen.
  3. If you request your Login ID, it will be emailed to the registered email address. If you forgot your password, simply answer your challenge question when asked, and you will be able to reset your password immediately.
  4. Once you know your login ID and password, you may log into Intel® Premier Support to submit your technical issue.

I registered for an evaluation copy of the software, but did not get an email with a license file or download instructions.

  1. Go to Intel® Software Development Tools - Complete List. Find on the product you are trying to evaluate. Click Free Trial button.
  2. Select OS, and click Download FREE Trial button.
  3. Fill in the signup form and submit.  You will receive an email containing instructions for how to download this product shortly. This email also contains a link to send license file via email.

I successfully registered the product I purchased, but did not receive an email with a license file and download instructions.

  1. Log in to Intel® Registration Center by entering your login ID and password. You will see a list of all the products to which you have subscribed.
  2. Select the desired product from the list. You will be taken to the Subscription History page. Write down the serial number for later use in the installation. Click Mange to see the license information for the serial number.
  3. Click download icon to download license file or click email icon to send it to the email address associated with the license.
    Note: If the license still does not arrive in email within 24 hours, copy the contents of the "License File" box, without change, into a file using a simple text editor (for example "Notepad" on a Windows* system). Do not change any of the license file contents. Save the file, using a .lic extension (for example, MyEval.lic).
  4. Follow the normal installation procedure. You can use the serial number for activation via Internet. Use license file for offline activation [during installation].

I received an "Invalid License File" error when installing.

When installing the program using remote terminal server with a license obtained with the current product or an earlier product you will get an error message: "Invalid license file"

Please make sure that the file you provided at the <license file> prompt is a valid license file with active support for the Intel® product you are trying to install.

The FlexLM* version of the product uses increased security features when installing over remote terminal server.

Request license file to be regenerated and be resent in Registration Center. The new license file will contain security information needed to support remote terminal server install.

  • Go to the Intel® Registration Center and login using your login ID and password.
  • Click on product name.  In Subscription History, find your serial number.
  • Click Manage link on right-hand side of serial number.
  • Click download icon to download license file to your disk, or click email icon to send it to your email.
  • Copy license file to your system.
  • Launch installer again.  And activate product with the new license file.

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