PGI* Fortran 77 is not supported since version 11.0

Please be aware that the F77 interfaces will not be supported in the future releases (since the forthcoming Intel® MKL 11.0).

The related header files (namely, mkl_solver.f77, mkl_dss.f77, mkl_vml.f77, mkl_vsl.f77, and will be retained for backward compatibility in the next version of Intel® MKL but will be removed in the subsequent Intel MKL versions.

Who is affected: Users of the pgf77 compilers


Intel(R) MKL version: Intel(R) MKL 11.0 (Expected date of release: Autumn 2012).


Recommended solution: using pgf90 or the newest PGI Fortran Compiler

Exception: PARDISO F77 interfaces are retained in Intel MKL 11.0 for backward compatibility. Please note that the F77 interfaces are deprecated in Intel MKL 11.0.

the latest Note:  finally, all of these API has been removed from Intel(R) MKL version 11.3 ( the release date is Aug 25th, 2015). 

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